Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Get a Good and Safe RS Account on Farmer100

Farmer100 is a famous virtual goods seller. Different from the real objects, virtual goods refer to all items that can be exchanged within the virtual space through the computer and Internet, including virtual currency, virtual equipment, virtual real estate and some other virtual goods. These commodities are essentially the symbols “0” and “1” on the computer storage medium. However, these symbols have significant value in certain circumstances, for example the game gold on farmer100. Virtual equipment in game may be sold for one million. Farmer100 can provide game equipment soon. On the Internet some company can also exchange the virtual currency into real money. This article tells you how to get a good and safe rs account on Farmer100.

1.      Open the farmer100.com. You can search farmer100.com on Google or directly input the website address.
2.      Click Buy/Sell account, and then choose the RS accounts. Now, you can view all RS accounts. Each account has three pictures, when you put your mouse on it, a larger picture will appear which clearly show the skill, task, equipment and bank information.
3.      Click the picture or the title of the RS account on Farmer100 to see the detail information. This page will tell you more message about this account.
4.      Talk to the farmer100 live chat to get more accurate information, such as how to change the email, how long you will get your goods and so on.
5.      After confirm all information is right, click buynow to pay for the farmer100 rs account. During this procedure, you can choose your payment method, and some payment method have discount, for example western union, if you choose this payment method, you can get 20% discount. For more payment information, you can visit farmer100 review to know more.
6.      The last step is to get the RS account information, change the email and password as soon as possible.
7.      If you have any problem, you can go back to farmer100 for help. The farmer100 live chat will help you efficiently.

In order to protect your RS account, you’d better keep the password by yourself. Don’t give any chance for others to hack your RS account. You can get game guides and game news on Farmer100.