Friday, 28 October 2016

FFXV King Regis sending Noctis

Noctis' father, King Regis, receives an omen of a catastrophic future that must be avoided. Watch the conceptual CG cinematic FFXV trailer "Omen" here! Captions/Subtitles are available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian FFXIV Gil so be sure to enable captions to see them! Thanks for the brazilian portuguese subtitles!! Hey if you guys searching for a turkish translater let me know!

 I'm in love with what I've seen of Final Fantasy XV so far, and this Omen trailer is great. HOWEVER, my issue is with this whole extra content and DLC setup. The season pass is only available if you pre order the Digital Deluxe Edition (but not the Physical Deluxe Edition)...what the hell? You also can't play the King's Tale "mini game"<--?...until the full FFXV game is released when you get your code on the receipt. Trust me when I say I won't be playing King's Tale if I've got FF15 in my hands.

Soooooooo, you're basically paying an extra $30 for King'sglave and 3 in-game items. Quite annoying. MAKE THE SEASON PASS AVAILABLE WITH THE PRE ORDER OF FFXV DELUXE EDITION (PHYSICAL COPY)! Buy FFXIV Gil Right now, it's only available to those who pre order the digital version. This is the only thing holding me back from buying the Deluxe Edition. This is a the game right or a Second movie. Those subs in portuguese were fine. Thanks Is there no way this is coming to PC even after ?... Thanks for subs in brazillian portuguese! Name of song? Will it be on the soundtrack?

The Omen is avoided... With King Regis sending Noctis off accompanied by his friends. In this trailer he's solo, and he loses his way without the company of his brothers.  I was thinking this too. I'm glad he's not alone. This is really well done though, regardless. Yeah, I thought so too! Noct might lose it if he go alone. What are Regis words to the party? "I ask not that you guide my wayward son, merely that you remain at his side."

Monday, 17 October 2016

Final Fantasy related games

Andrea Di Pastena why not ? Im playing it with gamepad and never had any problems. The controller really is a lot better with this game, but the only downside is the constant need to switch between multiple hotbars with the controller, since the mouse and keyboard can have all skills displayed as one big chunk of abilities, FFXIV Gil but with the controller it's limited to 16 on one hotbar, and then 16 on another, etc. You have to make use of user macros that can stack multiple skills in one slot a lot more on ps3/ps4, than you do with pc.

Lola Demarce Seeing as the game supports mouse and keyboard I wonder if a keypad attachment for the controller would help with that. did you just bring race into a game discussion ? Who are you to call anyone trash. Cheap FFXIV Gil Andrea Di Pastena Iii'm gonna skip all the other comments and focus on the first one I saw. "Could be nice if there were offers for the monthly subscription."This, I agree with.

I believe that SE could bring in a lot of money and a ton of players if they had deals for their subs. Like if they had $60 for a whole years worth of sub, or something of the sort. I would snatch that up so hard.

I think this would be awesome and quite a bit lighter on our pockets. They have so many FF related games out there that bring in the money for later funding on later projects, but fail to see the one game that has people returning from time to time. I want to see this happen and only hope that perhaps they may think on it. I would love to see my server full of people again because that's part of what makes the game. The experiences you have with the people you play with.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

FFXIV outfit Exclusive to China only

Or think about that the entire community has been begging for it since it was Exclusive to China only. Gerard Norman Demigo Doesn't justify the price. They set the price points, it's not as though SE is being charged a tariff of $10 for flagging a character in their database as having an item. Guess what, more clothing that looks stupid on lalafells. Can you dye it? If I can't have Celeste green no thank you. It is dyeable if you look at the pictures on mogstation they show a picture of a couple dyes. FFXIV Gil I just said eff it and bought the bard, outfit and emote.

Well, veteran rewards are for all characters. Also, paying more than the whole montly fee for a single costume, for a single character, it's too much i think. some people do play on other servers. I visit others from time to time, it is nice to have some rewards go between characters. Cost more than i expected. I just seen these on mogstation. Still not enough for me to drop legion to come back to this, Or try to learn both Developers of FFXI and XIV has already stated they rather Shutdown.

You're gonna have to wait till the exclusivity on that since it's being use on 3rd Party Stores Promotion.  Looks like the Crimson Legion and the Cerulean Order outfits from blade and soul, buy FFXIV Gil As much as I love the game, I don't think I'll ever buy anything additional on the Mog Station... it's just too pricey..   omg im trying to buy sub right now im just such a baddie, im so excite. Well they are all optional and exclusive to past year events. The China dress was exclusive to China only but available to all now.

The guys ones are terrible, really plain and boring. The girls one, are ok but they're just basic dresses. They need to bring in stuff like heroes/adventures/mages would wear for it to interest me. These are like something you could see in everyday life and not bat an eye lid. Not very exciting. Too expensive and if people pay, they'll just keep putting the prices for everything up and up, Plus glamour item or not, nothing exclusive should be locked in a cash shop.  Or you should learn it was EXCLUSIVE TO CHINA SERVERS!! So they have the right to put it at $18 to break OFF the EXCLUSIVITY!! Gerard go troll elsewhere white knight fanboy. Mika Mäki-Kauppila Seems you are just stupid and blind in business licenses... AND no. These are NOT exclusive to China, you MORON. I can buy them off the MogStation right now, just as you can, should you choose to throw your money away.