Tuesday, 2 May 2017

FFXIV stormblood

I'm glad i cancelled my sub to play the free trial.. at least I didn't waste money on emotes and apparel.. And a new bonus Monkey king set which I cannot get because I'm EU Scum... thanks SE... For how often you add more dlc to your subscription based game, stormblood better be the best mmo expansion ever created. Lindsey II I live in Australia NA codes don't work on EU accounts. Add the flying cloud then I'll give you money until then no thanks!  Wahhh $10 for bardings and it not account wide wah wah wah Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Deal with it, don't like it don't buy it simple and send complain to SE about it. What an idiot. People want the stuff but they're not going to buy it if it's too expensive and not account wide. The Odin mount and sub rewards are account wide so why aren't the cash shop items?

Than don't buy it, that way they'll see that they not making money from cash shop and will start making it account wide or something better. Put the maid outfit and cait sith ears in mogstation please.  The sub rewards and $20 Odin mount are account wide so why aren't the cash shop items account wide? Why do these things cost so damn much and Cheap FFXIV Gil why aren't they bound to the entire account instead of to just one character? It is too much for a single character. Most other mmo's bind the emotes, mounts, clothing to the account so all the alts can use them.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the Mogstation additions!
I shall grab them as soon as i can. Soooo we get the angel looking gear for chocobo but we don't get the wings.....Okay. Will you be my right, my acute or my obtuse angle? but you went to amazon for the chinese items ... rip. We dont get the angel or demon outfits? Q.Q. What about the costumes that match those bardings?  Yes I'm more wanting the costumes. Is this attainable through a grind in game? No? Thats why its optional.

Since when has anything on the mog station other than the Phial of Fantasia been "useful" Its all emotes and some form of glamour. Its like all of you people complaining have never played this game before. How about stop complaining and not buy it? Enjoy the god damn gamd that SE have been continuously working on, giving us regular patches and not 1 but 2 expansions. If you don't like it then go back to WoW.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

FFXIV quest "Far Edge of Fat"

Anyone else having log in issues? Mine keeps saying unable to complete version check. The grind didn't even need to be nerfed I got all my crystals and the. Weapon in two days. God I have to log back but the need to finish persona 5 is stronger than me xD.o i try to post on forums and keep getting a loop on logging in. I should have permission because i've had a fraking account for the past 7 years! Fix your crap.   Excellent. Gives me a chance to grab all the animals weapons at one time, now. Kinda. Update made my game not function. Unable to check version or something like that.  That hasn't happened to me in a while, but to fix it, Cheap FFXIV Gil I had to run the update through a VPN. Once everything was updated, I switched off it, then everything was good.

I was shown to copy to usb then delete save game data. The start ffxiv and it's like starting for the first time. Then it updates then reload from usb to consol. Then start again. Didn't do it waiting for enix to do their job.  I thought they were done with patches until Stormblood :O. there will probably be one or two more. making echo to 20 or 30% and maybe a few more quality of life changes. story wise we are done till stormblood thougg.

Samantha Lawrence we can finish our anima weapon grind!!!. So I tried different DNS settings. But turns out doing a solid reset of my router and modem did the trick. Could the Lenovo Yoga 910 16gb handle this game fine on low settings? Someone please tell me since i want to try it. The game runs on my friends rather shite laptop I can't find any details on the 910s graphics card so it's some sort of integrated I would just use the two free login days to give it a try a see if the game will play. FFXIV Gil But what about trading in Prototype Alexandrian gear for seals????  Nice! I've been waiting to gear up my secondary classes!   Id have just preferred not getting a version check issue which is going to cost me 3 days in downloads as I reinstall.

 But what about trading in Prototype Alexandrian gear for seals???? Nice! I've been waiting to gear up my secondary classes!Id have just preferred not getting a version check issue which is going to cost me 3 days in downloads as I reinstall.  Thought it said "Far Edge of Fat" then decided to click on photo. Are Alex Savage and Vandal Savage related? FFXIV and DC Comics crossover confirmed!!!  is it just me or the patch screwed up the connection? ive been dc'ing every 10 mins or so, n got a bunch of error codes whenever i hit quit game at the title screen. Should have nerfed the light grind, or at least boosted light gains from other sources other than AS1.

Sunday, 9 April 2017


I know this is an April fool's joke but still I would kill for this game. why not a REAL tactics game on the eorzea universe?? why do you play with our hearts FINAL FANTASY XIV team?? You done messed up and now you have to make this or I will light dog poo on fire in front of your offices.I hope I'm not the only one who wishes this were actually a thing. No LIE please tell me there is actually a full track to that music bit? I NEED IT. Are you serious, I'm upset now lol. I'd KILL to play another tactics, this is beyond cool. This is what you should be making! Old school tactics games!  oh dear another one of those terrible jokes of this stupidly annoyingly terrible day. FFXIV Gil  don't care, I just want the full 16 bit version of Rise please. Just that song. Please.

 Haha love the comments. People want your joke game more than anything you've made for the past 10 years. Oh poor Squeenix, when will you learn? I know it's a joke but I really do want a single player retro remake of 14. You taunt me with this and don't give me a tactics game LOL. Re-release the first tactics with an auto save function and I'll be good to go. Not funny. This would've been really interesting. I absolutely loved the tactics games, and this would've been great..  Jokes on you. Cheap FFXIV Gil If you actually made the stuff you're teasing, you'd be making a whole lot more money. The comments on this should make SE feel bad... Lol.

 I'm still waiting for the chocobo taxi service in my area!! Greatest thing about the internet is that some of us get to endure these terrible jokes for 2 days, Man, I'd kill for another Tactics. The Tactics Advance games just didn't satisfy. Alexander raid in Tactics style would be so dope tho!! RISE in 8-bit sound is dooppee!! Please make a new tactics game they are amazing. You bastards, I actually want this. Those Tactics sprites got my pants tight. Omg, I love the homage to the Tactics Ogre knights of Lodis game. They even recycled the sprites and backgrounds from it.

Oh my god even if it's a joke, the throw back to Tactics Ogre. Be still, my heart. the music is more enjoyable in this version than in the regular game though lol. strangely i would play that then the actual alexender i not says is a bad raid but your biggest mistake FINAL FANTASY XIV you not added it in the story like the coil and not have enought diversity only machine and gobelin. But i hope you learn from your mistake in the new high-end raid omega weapon. It's sad this is an April fools joke... I would have literally purchased this... it almost breaks my heart... i get that its aprils fool, but i really love the retro design.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

FFXIV Original Soundtrack

The FAR EDGE of FATE: FFXIV Original Soundtrack is available for pre-order! First-run copies include a Wind-up Nidhogg minion!   How about you guys quit locking minions behind imported music albums in a physical format! I'd rather have a digital copy on iTunes, and also, get the minion whenever I want instead of "first run copies." FFXIV Gil Your corporate greed is running rampant and poisoning your MMO. Ill just wait and get it on itunes for like 1/4 the price. If it was a CD with the minion I would pay for it (as well as not at this price) for I can play it in my car as well but just a blue ray... Its not worth it. Also only thing i would be able to listen to this on is my play attacked to my TV. Its one of the few things I dont have built into my PC, and my older MAC does not have one.

On a Side Note: I am SICK of Japanese companies locking EVERYTHING to their country! Pokemon Events, MMO exclusives, etc etc etc you get the idea. Why don't you guys quit being so god damn greedy with anime/games/manga and their related events!!! You want to expand and reach the Western Audiences to expand your profit yet you cut us out of all the good stuff from products to events. If you guys REALLY want to profit and expand, MAKE YOUR STUFF GLOBAL QUIT GIVING YOUR OWN KIND EXCLUSIVE STUFF BESIDES RELEVANT THINGS TO YOUR COUNTRY! I haven't seen it poison the mmo. Plus a lot of it is business marketing.

I dont personally mind the micros and locking of items, cuz if you have the money to burn awesome burn it. but soon items will help in game, and that could be an issue. But really...id give anything to buy the full album on itunes as an album........the partial album is bullshit. It's poison because they want us to pay $50+ for a music album and are only giving first copies the minion. If they want to profit, they should make it ALL copies and include it with the digital copies too (and make digital copies more readily available!) It's basically saying "You get a minion if you pay 3x the necessary cost for this music album but you gotta buy it like RIGHT NOW." Buy FFXIV Gil Seriously a music album should NOT cost the same as a full price expansion...

It is poison I agree they are greedy Who cares about minions you won't even use for more than 3 days? It's almost like... it's a business? Wow, could you imagine that? Video games being created and run by developers with a financial agenda. Can't believe this. AND they're giving people the option to spend the money for this product, instead of forcing them to buy it. Somebody stop the madness... They have gotten pretty greedy lately.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Blade and Soul Rumble in the Realm III Semifinals & Grand Finals live

Join us TOMORROW for the Rumble in the Realm III Semifinals & Grand Finals live. Sorry, too busy playing my Dark Knight in Black Desert Online :) Right Dennis, Frank? The Late Winter Treasure Trove is now live! I keep playing this game for 2 reasons...1-its great storyline which idk why its new acts are delayed too much...2-for its female outfits .  3. trove treasure is out. Need some help too. I've been playing BNS without any problem then suddenly today when I log into the game, Buy Blade and Soul Gold on the PIN screen onwards it becomes really laggy and I don't know what's the cause or how to fix it. I'm doing that right now. Rip spent my trove gold on baleful stage 1 and 2.... After I saw weapon event didn't think trove was coming to.....

When u spent all ur gold on cosmetics and trove just rips . Brandon Scott Campbell so many games are having things start today. But I wanna get on this too.  Last event really love me it's gave me 1 heart each day where are the rest of my hearts. I still had 33 chocolate from last soul mate event, even tho i online every day.  Phoenix mithra is closing every thread. What is the deal with that guy? Is the CEO of NCWest?  This web site is currently under maintenance. Please check back soon."the game wont open until download 200 kb 2hour later 1bytes/200kp ? I'm not spending any real money on this. These are your Rumble in the Realm III regional finalists!

Ok. Now I have one question. Why when I allways install this game says (Missing shortcut 'NCLauncher.exe') like some how deleted. And when I install on my PC with differend installer not updating. That pisses me of because I really whanna play this game so badly, if I coud spend my money on this game. P.S. Sorry for band English. Ok now I fixed this problem and updated this game. cheap Blade and Soul Gold Thx for nothing. {<,>} Just wanted to say TYTY to the BnS team love all of you . Your the best . I like seeing art and also hearing Bethany and the Producers . hearing from you all directly give a community the strength to do well . BnS TV is a great idea . i just want the team to know your doing a great job so lets have some fun :D . Blessings ~ Shen.

Maintenance for over 5 hours now that is crazy!!!!!! Server is down? Hurry and upgrade your weapons! i have account problem plssssssssss help T_T  For security reasons login is temporarily disaled pleas try again in few minutes. Hello, if you are unable to log in, you can email the Support team directly at this address: support@bladeandsoul.com. Oh well everybody want free spts free ornaments, free forging orb. Just learn mechanics and farm dungeons. We spent a lot of time for farm. Now your turn lazy ladies and gentlemans. We spent 3 gold each frozen. 5 gold for each moonstone. We used 450 frozen Stinger, 180 moonstone, 350 soulstone 24 sts for True scorpio weapon. You get it free now. And cry a lot. Pff lazy people.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

how to pay for FFXIV xbox live

I didn't play all the FF games, but I really liked FFX too!  I'm doing once again the X on PS Vita right now and I still love it so much  what about some sales at Steam? "Please note: The registration code included in this version is not compatible with Steam. To play on Steam, please buy a Steam version of the game once these become available." FFXIV Gil ome of them are the steam keys, check the details for more info ;) Bah, half off, but shipping is 34 bucks? No thanks. Final fantasy realm reborn because it be no monthly subscription please can't afford monthly subscription.

Its on Playstation and still requires a monthly sub. Yea but on PlayStation you don't need PlayStation +. but on on xbox ms want people to pay for xbox live ontop of the games subscription . Also if you can't afford something that is equivalent to £1.92 a week I think you need to reevaluate you're priority's. Because if you can afford the cash for a gaming pc or a console then surely you can afford less than £2 a week. But got a code of my buddy o3o. Have all the ff except the online version. Why not half price on monthly/yearly membership prices??  Yer in Japan PSN only, for Final Fantasy X, 7, 14 and 15,. Please drop FFXi abbysea collection cause planning to return to XI.

ove is all around, have you noticed? Don’t forget to take part in Valentione’s Day in Eorzea before it ends 15th February at 14:59 GMT! The event was kinda lame this year, literally you get the main quest... Walk 10 feet, turn it in and you're done. Sure there's optional side quests but those only gave out the half heart fireworks.  The reward was amazing tho. Buy FFXIV Gil I dont care, It got the best emote and I would like it fast and easy than doing dumb FATEs.If it were harder people would have just complained about "the grind".

 I've played the game long enough that I'm grateful it was easy and quick and I could get back to going afk in Idyllshire. Some of the early events were really grindy, and they took up a lot of time, which isn't great for people who don't have a lot of time to play. Is it too hard to implement some sort of minigame similar to those in the Gold Saucer for events like this? Walking from point A to point B and clicking a single button a few times is getting pretty old after 3 years LMAO.  that's pretty much every quest in this game. The Halloween event with the haunted house was pretty cool...this event not so much.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

FF11 & FF14 were called FF Online 1 & 2 instead

Well I guess 10 was the first step, taking out exploration in favor of a world map where you just choose a location. But the battle system was great with lots of strategy, so it was a good enough game. 12 was the first step to the "everybody runs around fighting on their own" crap of today. I hate that 10 took some elemental attacks away too. Cheap FFXIV Gil Christopher Wagner Bastok is pronounced "Bastuke" in the intro movie, so it's the players' own faults for skipping over that. have you played 11, 14 or 15? Do you like them? Not being annoying or anything but 12 was developed before 11 so without the "no random encounters (which I don't mind even though it was annoying as hell)" system none of these would have happened.

 I liked the strategy of the battle system in 10 though. Seeing all the upcoming turns and planning your actions around how far you moved back after an action and what order you wanted certain attacks in. Was enough for me to overlook the lack of a real explorable world map, and I love exploration. And side quests. Andrew Sanchez you're right, I forgot ^^;. Buy FFXIV Gil Good call. Jessica Austin 14 is an MMO like 11, so it shares no similarity with 13, well except the glorious graphics which was one of the only redeeming factors of the blunder that was 13.

I haven't played 15 since it just came out recently and I skipped 14 because 13 was so awful. 13 shouldn't be allowed to call itself a final fantasy game. I grew up in the glory days of FF6, Chrono Trigger, etc. When you controlled all the strategy for your battles and had huge open maps to explore. The linearity and automation of 13 really put me off the series. Which is sad because I'd loved it since I was a kid. I'm doing play throughs of FF6, CT, and Secret of Mana on my phone right now actually.  I really wish 11 & 14 were called FF Online 1 & 2 instead. With that said, I enjoyed 14 for the short period I got to play. Good stuff for an MMO. Just because you didn't like them doesn't make them "crap".

 Jessica Austin if you like FF6 you will love 14, the game's story pays a lot homage to FF6 from megitek armor to Doma to the empire and the warring triad... all that is missing at this point is "The Returners" and The "Cult of Kefka" which you never know what Yoshi has planned. Give it a try. In the beginning when I first started getting into the whole FF thing, I kept mixing behemoth and bahamut. Darren Cooke, does when it's FF13. Got the majority vote on that one. Lol!