Monday, 27 April 2015

Au Ra character creation

The Heavensward benchmark, including Au Ra character creation, is now available! Test your PC ahead of release and try out the DirectX 11 client as well! Make the au ra horns customizable separate from the face plz.

yes please. I love one of the faces, but don't like the horns with it.   Yeah Seriously. Most of the faces are honestly ugly.  Some of the faces are actually pretty good, but the scale placement and the horns completely kill the shape. It really needs to be separated FFXIV gil
.All of my yes! I have the same problem Caymen FFXIV gil
About Sav coment i do'nt think they are ugly at all lol but the horns are amazing  i would love to custom then  .And, as a Playstation user, I and all those like me must now put up with instagram/tumblr/facebook etc spam of 'look at my awesome Au Ra'. XD;;;
*sigh*. Haha yeah, that response doesn't get old at all. *rolls eyes* XDYou don't need to run the benchmark to have access to the Char Creation if you have a laptop or PC - runs it in DX9 mode as well so.....

Thursday, 23 April 2015

buying DFO gold didn't get banned

I don't care enough because this game doesn't affect my personal life whether or not someone hacks you idiot. I have enough experience in dfo to have more than what hackers have.   I got that too, but my guess is because I left my character open with his disassembler all night. But I buy DFO Gold didn't get banned. Just logged off.

To those of you who are mocking DFO Gold those of them who have been banned:

Okay, I think we're good. Let's just go inside now. We can go in and play some DFO, and farm some cubes, and... Steve... STEVE! They're gone! Can it already! (Durr voice) "Take that as a warning, you hackers!" Yeah, really? I think the warning was like a week ago. Calm down, bruh, they gone. You're shouting at the neighbor's dog, for crying out loud!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


We'll be covering the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE on a special DUTY COMMENCED today at 3pm (PT)/6pm (ET)/10pm (GMT)! Tune in and get a digest of the show, meet a new Community rep and more!
That's nice, when are you people gonna do something about the recent flood of RMT tells and friend requests?   I had to unlike this to keep it at 420. but i love this. On a non bitching and non complaining note- this game is awesome. Youtube vid please for those who missed buy cheap FFXIV Gil .

Gonna be enjoying my free trial on my new account since xKaizerbeasTx13 was a asian account. Also got Final Fantasy XIV PC Limited Edition before I had these 2 account.& buy FFXIV Gil; I must admit I didn't really find the Heavensward talk that great since they merely were reading the slides and didn't translate anything from the Japanese live stream. Thanks Eric but this was actually feedback regarding this live stream. It was a waste of time actually, I hope they'll improve.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Heavensward moive is great

Judging by the SPOILACIOUS trailer, that beesh is dead. And that breaks my heart.   I didn't really think it was going to spoil that much so i watched anyway, now i feel realllllly stupid.&FFXIV Gil ; This person clearly was not watching to avoid spoilers. Thanks for ruining that for them.

Ollie, you should know FF doesn't use Phoenix Downs when they're really needed buy FFXIV Gil. They'll prolly just drop her in a lake in the middle of nowhere and call it good /sigh.   Preorder cancelled... Sure dude, how it feels buy the game later without any benefit?

 If you finished the main quest after the patch, this isn't really that much of a spoiler.  I'm pretty sure in the opening seconds it said Warning spoilers lol.  I'm glad she's dead. Wanting to abolish a system of government that has worked for hundreds of years because she was too weak to break from the Syndicate's influence.

Aldrin Lester Leyva you have to do the story to even have heavensward access.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

it is hard to level DFO with FP system

It isn't hard to lvl up really . if you started playing since Dfo launch you should pretty much have at least one lvl 58~60 character by now . and it's barely been 2 weeks. i find this actually fast paced ... you dun wanna cap your character in few days and start whining about being bored and there is nothing to do . you don't have to play with another character if you don't want to . PVP if you do you will certainly enjoy and practice your class even more . if you are in a guild arrange some events/pvp rooms with your guild mates . trust it is a lot more fun and time consuming than you think plus you get to actually practice on your class.
buy DFO Gold
Of course you can main a character with fp. i got from 1-64 solo in the 2 weeks of DFO Gold , very comfortably too. i dont see the issue....

While I fucking hate a game playing nanny for me and telling me I've played too long, it also has the plus side of getting me to either play alts or play other games. Gimme a good cash shop with a wide selection of ---PERMANENT--- avatars that I can pick and choose from (and not that "buy a gamble box that will maybe possibly give you what you want but probably not" bullshit) and I'll be a happy little dungeon fighter.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

open beta part 2 releases for DFO

Well technically, the CEO kinda lost all of them to CP thus resulting in us getting stuff lol like a new character and more Cera for us. Why was there no April fools event?
DFO Gold
Delete all your chars. Say it was a glitch, there ya go. Not to complain, but I am going to be so depressed April 13th! cannot update the game for some reason. felt so sad..the download speed keep saying "Analyzing" forever. Just part 1 of the open Beta. And depending on how well Part 1 went, Part 2 will be here within a few days after the end of Part 1. open beta part 2 releases after april 13th to buy DFO Gold. You should read their facebook page more often...Then after that presumably goes straight into full release like it did for the original DFO

Are we going to keep our characters? You guys are my heroes, thank you for everything !