Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I bought FFXIV for PlayStation 4 in the stor

I wish I had some consistent buddies to play this game with and enough funds that I could afford the monthly sub with no issues. I want to make a new character and go through it all again and enjoy myself. Ever since some douche bag from my LS started creeping on my wife, I can't go back to ffxiv. As much as I loved it, a taste that bad never goes away. So f*ck you Lexis. I treat you as a friend and invite you into my home and you repay me by telling my wife to leave me and move to Georgia? Eat sh*t.

 Samurai isn't confirmed at all til it is. People saying it is but where the facts that says yoshida said out of his mouth samurai was confirmed. A tshirt only hint not proof. FFXIV Gil Can we just PLEASE get some translation for the rest of the stream lol. Not all of us are fluent in Japanese but all of us paid a lot of money xD. When can I pre-order the collectors edition, someone please tell me. When do the collectors editions become available for preorder ? Jonathan Philemon You are the very first person ever to actually write "Samuel" instead of "Sam" when referring to the director of the SM trilogy. Cheap FFXIV Gil Are you sure everyone else that casually uses Sam are the ones stretching and forcing?

Can someone help me please !!! I bought the game for PlayStation 4 in the store but i had allready played on Ps 3. But i wanne use my account from Ps 3 to ps4 but iT cant !!! Why??? :( i really wanne play again ! Dan Reeves guess it's collectors edition for me to get the chicken knife for the red mage i will make on release. Instead of lamia beast tribe should have made it a new race! People of the snake!  Wish the spent time on other jobs than making dumb rdm just so people can rp in hat.

 The swimming feature made me think, what if they added Emerald weapon boss from FVII and we had underwater combat. Hell yes! Anyone that's been away from this game this is the best Christmas gift ever :) thank you Square Ex.  Just when I thought I was out, they release Red Mage... What! We can swim now!! Whattttttt I'm excited. I think it's about time I purchase another subscription.  I started but never got to finish it.  Keyla Ann Martinez that hairstlye on that monk tho. I'm tempering my expectations, seeing as it's likely going to be same old DPS with a mildly different flavor. So the odds of actually having much of a utility/support role and actually feeling like a Red Mage is pretty unlikely imo.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Top 4 Player’s Choice voting winners are now available on the Hongmoon Store

Well, considering this is a new post It's probably my best bet getting an answer... Okay, so.In 2015 You guys responded to a question about Oce or SEA servers with "Hey Nathan, we're still in early days currently. But if we feel there is a strong enough playerbase somewhere to support additional servers in other locations we will of course investigate. Blade and Soul Gold So encourage your fellow Oceanic/SEA players to contact us and let us know they want Blade and Soul too!"

He even started a petition advertised only in that comment section [EDIT: obviously spreading to things like reddit] getting 16.5k supporters! I don't know about you but that sounds like a reasonable amount of people, I absolutely love the game but struggle how the game is reliant on ping levels, have you ever been sitting outside the area of impact on an ability for at least 2.5 seconds only to get knocked down and pretty much one shot? We have been crying out for so long we don't care if the servers are overpopulated we asked for it so we can deal with it, I don't even care if i have to start over...

Anyway, sorry to be a bother. Thanks The Top 4 Player’s Choice voting winners are now available on the Hongmoon Store for a limited time! i wanted 2 of these damn i thought theyed be on till the end of the 16th .-. i wanted 2 of these damn i thought theyed be on till the end of the 16th .-.Oceanic sea server please This is such a late post XD. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  Doesnt it ends today? Wake up sleeping half the game because it will try lol. Thats like 10 crystals. since pepole spend like 1-3 g per cyrstal. More holiday-themed costumes are now available on the Hongmoon Store—including the highly anticipated North Star set!

 Aions event are better than bns ones, look more money here and there and dont come with the generic "you can buy it with gold". Not to mention rediculous head accessory for that price... at least if it was another decent wig or cool hat that goes well with other things. Highly anticipated meh, at least the wepon skin looks awsome. The staff looks like it could have been from CCS, minus the snowman of course.  You can get the holly jolly costume and headpiece from event merchant. I know right!!! "Give us free outfit!", "the head accessory is ugly", "omg greedy publisher". Jesus christ, this kind of people always find a reason to cry. Lmao.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Final Fantasy video just went live

Mega man X and castlevania came to mind right away. Dear god... You're right.. What happened to good ol low end games that had amazing gameplay for a cheap price..? Will this have trophy support? I've been curious for a while now. so when will it arrive on PSN/XBL? After the games initial release then it becomes a dlc item, if I were you, wait for the season pass I bought mine at Gamestop for $25 and there at least 21+ dlcs including 3 episodes of standalone gameplay of gladio, ignis, and prompto, plus you get female playable characters(sometime after the 3 episodes are out) and you get 4 player CO OP multiplay(also comes out after the 3 episodes) but the season pass gives you access to all that.

Sooo your telling me that the only way to get the masamune is to order the digital game, and the only way to get king's tale is to preorder from GameStop? Man this is just silly. Buy FFXIV Gil Ooop did not see the chart you posted till after my second comment thank you Aunna.

 So let me see if I understand this correctly. I managed to but the Ultimate Collector's Edition for about $300, and I not only miss out on the Amazon preorder dlc, but this too? Cheap FFXIV Gil Nice.  I also find it ridiculous that the Ultimate Collector's Edition does not have all of the FREE pre-order bonuses.  It doesn't have the season pass either lol. The only pre order that has it is the digital deluxe. I really don't understand why they're doing that.

Cut out season pass for kingsglaive and a snappy suit for noctis I guess? Our Final Fantasy video just went live and for one of the first times I was in FRONT of the camera! Really lovely scenery, looked a lot like the game itself! The guys could have used a bit of a design adjustment (not a terrible attempt though!) but other than that, it was a fun watch!  it said "inspired by"...they're not cosplayers lol. I appreciate the laughs from this video, it relieves the stress of waiting for the game for so long. The closer to the release the worse its becoming.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

FFXIV Original Fat Chocobo Mount

I think they are? "We will be providing a pre-sale period for our active players from November 2 at 10:30 (GMT), a whole week before tickets become available to everyone else! If you were an active player between the dates of September 1, 2016 and October 6, 2016, Cheap FFXIV Gil then you will be sent a unique email to the email address registered to your Square Enix account on Monday, October 31, 2016."

So hey, as a rat owner, I would like the Tiny Rat minion to be able to climb up on my character's shoulder...silly request, but hey . The price for the fan fest ticket is definitely not worth as much fun as it would be to go half that price seems more realistic think I'll just watch the live stream this year. So our fan fest tickets are effectively 60-70 euros more expensive than what na paid for there's it makes no sense. I have this and sell it on EBay: Original Fat Chocobo Mount, Maid Attire, Butler Attire, Crag Mask, Inferno Mask, 99x Magicked Prism (Wings). ONLY work on North American Square Enix accounts.

Especially as it's held in an area that for lot of the fan Base are going to have to make big travel arrangements to get there flight hotel etc it seems extremely extortionate... FFXIV Gil I mean I'm from the UK and a 4 day festival with a slew of bands over 4 days is about the same price seems like they made some miscalculations somewhere along the line.

How much was the NA one? Cause I thought this seemed a little expensive but kinda assumed it was a similar price to Vegas... Guess not? Marianne Jose theres was like 132 dollars !  Any word on the Japanese Fan Fest or live stream yet? Dang. Of course fanfest is in a city I've moved from x.x lol. Hahahah! Definitely not worth it. Neither travel nor stay. Im so in love with this game. After playing Guild Wars 2 for 4 years and now playing FFXIV iam beyond happy. Most of the FC I'm in can't go now as we weren't expecting the price! Oh well, next time.

Friday, 28 October 2016

FFXV King Regis sending Noctis

Noctis' father, King Regis, receives an omen of a catastrophic future that must be avoided. Watch the conceptual CG cinematic FFXV trailer "Omen" here! Captions/Subtitles are available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian FFXIV Gil so be sure to enable captions to see them! Thanks for the brazilian portuguese subtitles!! Hey if you guys searching for a turkish translater let me know!

 I'm in love with what I've seen of Final Fantasy XV so far, and this Omen trailer is great. HOWEVER, my issue is with this whole extra content and DLC setup. The season pass is only available if you pre order the Digital Deluxe Edition (but not the Physical Deluxe Edition)...what the hell? You also can't play the King's Tale "mini game"<--?...until the full FFXV game is released when you get your code on the receipt. Trust me when I say I won't be playing King's Tale if I've got FF15 in my hands.

Soooooooo, you're basically paying an extra $30 for King'sglave and 3 in-game items. Quite annoying. MAKE THE SEASON PASS AVAILABLE WITH THE PRE ORDER OF FFXV DELUXE EDITION (PHYSICAL COPY)! Buy FFXIV Gil Right now, it's only available to those who pre order the digital version. This is the only thing holding me back from buying the Deluxe Edition. This is a the game right or a Second movie. Those subs in portuguese were fine. Thanks Is there no way this is coming to PC even after ?... Thanks for subs in brazillian portuguese! Name of song? Will it be on the soundtrack?

The Omen is avoided... With King Regis sending Noctis off accompanied by his friends. In this trailer he's solo, and he loses his way without the company of his brothers.  I was thinking this too. I'm glad he's not alone. This is really well done though, regardless. Yeah, I thought so too! Noct might lose it if he go alone. What are Regis words to the party? "I ask not that you guide my wayward son, merely that you remain at his side."

Monday, 17 October 2016

Final Fantasy related games

Andrea Di Pastena why not ? Im playing it with gamepad and never had any problems. The controller really is a lot better with this game, but the only downside is the constant need to switch between multiple hotbars with the controller, since the mouse and keyboard can have all skills displayed as one big chunk of abilities, FFXIV Gil but with the controller it's limited to 16 on one hotbar, and then 16 on another, etc. You have to make use of user macros that can stack multiple skills in one slot a lot more on ps3/ps4, than you do with pc.

Lola Demarce Seeing as the game supports mouse and keyboard I wonder if a keypad attachment for the controller would help with that. did you just bring race into a game discussion ? Who are you to call anyone trash. Cheap FFXIV Gil Andrea Di Pastena Iii'm gonna skip all the other comments and focus on the first one I saw. "Could be nice if there were offers for the monthly subscription."This, I agree with.

I believe that SE could bring in a lot of money and a ton of players if they had deals for their subs. Like if they had $60 for a whole years worth of sub, or something of the sort. I would snatch that up so hard.

I think this would be awesome and quite a bit lighter on our pockets. They have so many FF related games out there that bring in the money for later funding on later projects, but fail to see the one game that has people returning from time to time. I want to see this happen and only hope that perhaps they may think on it. I would love to see my server full of people again because that's part of what makes the game. The experiences you have with the people you play with.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

FFXIV outfit Exclusive to China only

Or think about that the entire community has been begging for it since it was Exclusive to China only. Gerard Norman Demigo Doesn't justify the price. They set the price points, it's not as though SE is being charged a tariff of $10 for flagging a character in their database as having an item. Guess what, more clothing that looks stupid on lalafells. Can you dye it? If I can't have Celeste green no thank you. It is dyeable if you look at the pictures on mogstation they show a picture of a couple dyes. FFXIV Gil I just said eff it and bought the bard, outfit and emote.

Well, veteran rewards are for all characters. Also, paying more than the whole montly fee for a single costume, for a single character, it's too much i think. some people do play on other servers. I visit others from time to time, it is nice to have some rewards go between characters. Cost more than i expected. I just seen these on mogstation. Still not enough for me to drop legion to come back to this, Or try to learn both Developers of FFXI and XIV has already stated they rather Shutdown.

You're gonna have to wait till the exclusivity on that since it's being use on 3rd Party Stores Promotion.  Looks like the Crimson Legion and the Cerulean Order outfits from blade and soul, buy FFXIV Gil As much as I love the game, I don't think I'll ever buy anything additional on the Mog Station... it's just too pricey..   omg im trying to buy sub right now im just such a baddie, im so excite. Well they are all optional and exclusive to past year events. The China dress was exclusive to China only but available to all now.

The guys ones are terrible, really plain and boring. The girls one, are ok but they're just basic dresses. They need to bring in stuff like heroes/adventures/mages would wear for it to interest me. These are like something you could see in everyday life and not bat an eye lid. Not very exciting. Too expensive and if people pay, they'll just keep putting the prices for everything up and up, Plus glamour item or not, nothing exclusive should be locked in a cash shop.  Or you should learn it was EXCLUSIVE TO CHINA SERVERS!! So they have the right to put it at $18 to break OFF the EXCLUSIVITY!! Gerard go troll elsewhere white knight fanboy. Mika Mäki-Kauppila Seems you are just stupid and blind in business licenses... AND no. These are NOT exclusive to China, you MORON. I can buy them off the MogStation right now, just as you can, should you choose to throw your money away.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

BnS Ebondrake Citadel Dungeon is a bit easier than Desolate Tomb

i'm from Korean server. this Ebondrake Citadel Dungeon is a bit easier than Desolate Tomb. Cant play this game.... becuz i have crappy procie. When is server transfer service going to be available?  D: I'm only level 35 on my summoner! Missed the stream? No worries! You can still check out the Spectator Mode preview on our Youtube channel!

everything is perfect, Buy Blade and Soul Gold except its PVP! its sucks!
anyway were looking forward for the Revelation online this October.. Get a better computer? Better internet? The game isnt as laggy compared to when it first launched, but it shouldnt affect you that much lol. Enna Mae tks friend, I am living the way the national game server halfway around the world, network lag affecting me a lot and made my gaming experience becomes very bad ...

Enna Mae i play assasin and only lose pvp by delay skill.  Konrad Smaga i in Vietnam :(( if u use pingzapper, i think u ping 100+ add ability to invite friend in cross server pt when thy dc! Cheap Blade and Soul Gold  this game sucks! you should quit! NA and EU submissions for our 2016 Blade & Soul Costume Design Contest.

Wow. So many amazing and creative designs! Makes me so angry that the community wasn't allowed to vote this time, and even more angry that the team chose the most unoriginal, copy/paste art-stealing design that didn't even meet some of the criteria they gave for the contest in the first place.  Can you come out with some sexy cute costumes for gon females? They are always too covered/ or too older lady looking ;( Jin version of costumes is always cuter and younger looking.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

ragging on a system

To those who get butt hurt when a console game is made exclusive..... PlayStation was first released in 1995... XboX came later in Nov 2001. Nuff said. I like both consoles. But to be fair PC was first then Playstation and then XboX. * drops the mic *  Aaron Dooley What exactly didn't make sense to you? Which part? All of it man. buy FFXIV Gil None of that reasoning is sound.

Aaron Dooley It's VERY sound reasoning if directed at the right comment. Let me clarify. Ppl are ALWAYS bitching and moaning because of exclusives. Just like PC always bitches for a bad port. What ALOT of ppl don't realize is, without the console that the game originally came from, it wouldn't exist. And nor would the port,whichever that might be.

Soooo my comment basically means that before ragging on a system or bitching because they didn't make it for that particular system, be thankful that it was even ported or made. Cheap FFXIV Gil All these console wars make me sick. I'm guilty of it to once upon a time. That's the reason for my comment. Whomever was bitching for the not made on this console or the other.

Yeah, in fact its even easier as it is now than it would be to split. Only reason to split them would be for the attribute points. But you can buy a book from GC that resets them, very cheap too. Summoner and sch are fine how they are now 0.0

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

BnS is more of player's skill

The problem of the slow upgrade is that it doesn't encourage to buy the in the shop, but to quit out of frustration, if the game didn't frustrate like that, it would be easier to spend on it, to reward the efforts of bringing it online.  The game is not pay to win, NA server and SOME SEA people are just too fucked up and always targeting for the best damage over practice and experience.

There are some players who already brought upgrades and stuffs yet they still cant utilize their classes properly. Even in other RPG. They can't use their class properly or they feel they damage low, Buy Blade and Soul Gold then they'll cry for a nerf, a buff, or "the game died". Weak Souls. BnS is more of player's skill and not the class itself. Yeah I'll cry to this one because this is the last RPG that can test you of youre really a gamer or some asshole player who just want to cry for high DPS.

You just can't be a Tuhao here and some real gamers can eat you alive with the skill, the latency, and the reflex. I'm just too fed up with these P2W reasons. Blade and Soul Gold Business is business, but a gamer is still a gamer. Santiago Navascués González if you need max gear not to be frustrated its because you suck dunkey balls, sry to tel you, but you dont need more than 600ap even to clear the new content. thatd be arround awaken scorpio weapon.

most of us enjoy the extended progress because this is actualy what keeps us playing after a year, and probably for a few years to come. the reason most people quit diablo 3 within a few months is exactly because it takes about a month to max gear and than all you can do is level up your paragon, which is exactly what we dont want.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

how to get soulstone or moonstone in Blade & Soul

So far i get nothing good from event boxes. No soulstone or moonstone yet. hmm idk. Ill stay to plays til my three month paid is over. Then ill moving on. Whirlwind is not that fun when you in group that can't beat those out gears. I have half month to go with my three month discount. RIP Bland & Soul.It's very hard for us to earn Buy Blade and Soul Gold for upgrades can you please fix asap.

I stopped playing for a month only to come back and realise your Daily Dash isnt even working. Stop your stupid events and fix your damn bloody game! daily dash was put on hold for the trove event intentionally... they told us that when trove was first announced. Hi, how I can get a Gem Hammer? there are Lv25 guys with 3 sockets unlocked. I'm level 42 and I still have 1.

You can get them from the market (F5) or cash shop(F10) Gold :/? I have only received copper and silver. Time to burn $5. Blade and Soul Gold Worth coming back ? i don't play since azura's update. Still grindy but less with the new weapon path and this event can give you the AP citrine so you should. not worth revelation way much better cbt in oct. How can i play your games disconnected and well im hitting lvl 20 again using summoner.

How i wish i could sell my master pack account... i am not able to enjoy a game with 10-20fps... Its cool how this gives you stuff to improve your gear, but if your gear isnt good you cant go in( i mean, ill go on with my shitty gear with or without this event) get kicked all day everyday in lobby parties even with 600+ ap.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Blade and Soul winner outfit

Chloe Roth Exactly how I reacted too. It's sad for those who really tried to make something new and original. The time spent somehow felt wasted after seeing the winner outfit. Emma Walker xDD. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Is that suppose to be me? lel

Emma Walker basicly the only sane person here..... As a design major i'd say taking inspiration in a fucking mask is not a crime and for me looking at all the details to the rest of the outfits i barely Care about the mask looking simuler ti another mask seriously.

It's not just the mask, the jin outfit, and the hair have problem. the hair is straight out traced! Blade and Soul Gold If its inspiration then the person should make more changes. here the changes are so little most people can see it as copy. then again if the person have to get inspirations from another artist/s design and yet still make it look similar. It just show the person have no creativity, which makes their design not original. An outfit that lacks originality in theme and design, furthermore traced hair doesn't deserve to have winning spot.

 I didn't even enter the contest. the hair is straight out copy and this shoe accessory as well.call me overreacting or someone who don't know how to lose all you want. All I care is to bring this to just.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

FFXIV Black Desert Online

Meh it's nice out and there's pokemon go. Come back with this when it's cold outside and I'll reconsider. Any tips for a returning player that hasn't been on for over a year?  FFXIV Gil So we get 5 days after we start it ofr 120 IN GAME HOURS? Someone please clarify. I've subscribed for 6 months and I don't have any complaints, the game is amazing and I love it how you keep adding content, either to the main storyline or side activities

Square Enix You Rock. Hmmmmm, maybe next time or when then next expansion hits. For now, I'm too immersed in Black Desert Online. Will 120 hours be credited to paying accounts too? It's unfair if non-paying players get it free while we don't.  No thanks, I wouldn't come back to this game unless it got a revamping.

Its just 5 days of when u log in between those days. pretty lame. Will 120 hours be credited to paying accounts too? It's unfair if non-paying players get it free while we don't. Really? you are so against new players getting to try out the game? No, Free Login is not meant for new players. You must have bought the game and subscribed to the service before. For new players, there is free trial account available.

 guys..Buy FFXIV Gil don't be stupid...it says UP TO 120 hours not 120 hours. 120 hours free anytime between now and end of august. Im moving to my new place this week so idk if i can enter but i will try to login to do the new event thingy before my sub runs out. i told you i got accepted into uni and it was on another city. do the math its obviously im going to move.  u never said was another city, just said got accepted into med schoool.

Friday, 27 May 2016

HW has been more negative experience

You should do something about the purchased plots that are not being used by FCs that have been dead for the longest time. There're tons of those in gilgamesh. We should be worried about the real issues here. Like the fact there are no oranges for housing items. How can there be no oranges?!  Was it a dream when I thought I heard them say "gil" is no longer a necessity? I'm thinking I dreamed that up, because it seems like gil is everything still. vDoes anyone know when this patch is coming out? Buy FFXIV Gil Been trying to look for that info online but cannot find it anywhere

I was wondering how long it would take for the community to be more salt than not... over housing Most of the times in these places it is a ghost town, all the bought houses but the neighbourhood is empty Does anyone have a guide that explains housing? Honestly, I beat FF7&12 but I had no idea in hell what was going on when I got housed. I literally just mashed buttons until it went away and I never went back. It is still something I do not understand at all about the game. FFXIV Gil Thanks Square Enix and thanks final fantasy for what you are doing we all enjoy what you do for us.

Ikr I stopped playing it when it's community made the game feel like a job. If you truly believe there are 5 million active subscribers then you truly are an idiot. When I quit there were around 850k and just before that it was near a million and Square Enix was so proud they plastered that 1 million subs fucking EVERYWHERE in hopes more would funnel in. They have SOLD 5 million units of the game, an unofficial census was posted on reddit awhile back which put the active user base just under 1 million across all regions and servers.

People... can you please stop white knightning this game? I still play it myself but it's far from perfect. So far HW has been more negative experience than positive for lots of players who STILL play the game, hoping it will rise again. Location and desirability. Is it near a MB, aether port, summoning bell, on the water, have privacy, a view... All these things add to price.

Monday, 23 May 2016

2 dungeons for FFXIV

2 dungeons for three months sounds bad to you? Boy, you shouldn't play WoW then. Enjoy this one raid for a year while we talk about how we're trying to reduce that time by doubling our team and training them. Jonathan id actually appreciate you going to wow. Final fantasy is an enormous gorgeous world and environment. And We'd rather not have you ruin the fun time for us.

 Brandon, FFXIV is a huge beautifully designed world. However, the low amount of content thats literally the same 2 dungeons over and over, FFXIV Gil with only slightly varying mechanics, doesnt suit it. We bored and know they could be doing better provided they had the team/resources. No one is bashing the game or devs. Theyre voicing an opinion(with some facts whether you like them or not) that the game is lacking in content.

Yeah. Literally what we want is to see the game grow. It can't grow with a tiny team. That's a fact. Like it or not. Well WoW has a huge team and has less content pushed out than 14, sooooo it can grow with a small team. That's a fact. Like it or not.  Buy FFXIV Gil Wows also what, 12 years old? Theyve about run their course at this point and are milking the final loyal subs that will play it until it dies. Don't think WoW will ever die lol cuz right before it does Blizz will release like a WoW2. Also gotta account for the fact that WoW prob has just as much subs as 14 maybe more.

And it is great that theyve been able to do what they have with the current team. But this cycle wont keep the hardcore players in by any means. Wows lost a MASSIVE amount of its player base and subs due to lack of content in draenor. The glorified farmville with garrisons didnt help that cause much. If ff14 wants to be relevant it HAS to deliver content faster. Wow has more subs still at its lowest point. FFXIV, with the time he's been alive, is already more relevant than most of the MMOs with the same lifetime. (WoW included).

Friday, 29 April 2016

Blade and Soul characters

Members of my clan either cant open the game vecause of game guard or left beause it's not active anymore. Updates can wait. Stopping botters and hackers can even wait. Fix the stability of the game. Its 2016, why is this still an issue? Roxy Revolver It's kinda true sadly lol, the games optimization is poor because they update it to much.  Blade and Soul Gold Hunter Dietzel optimazation is poor because it runs on dx9 not cuz they update it so much lmaoo.

It is fucking unreal tournament 3 game engine a lot of new computers can't even work on it well, my 2011 laptop is smooth at 50fps tho. the game is unenjoyable though, so the new content isn't worth playing.  It's funny how on other games that update like three times a year, people complain how "theres nothing to do" but as soon as the updates come in every 1 or 2 months, people complain that "its too fast". Make up your minds lol. Because the game isn't/ wasn't made in 2016. It's from 2009.

And what about the bots? When I lvl my characters i see a bunch of them walking together and they are always on the same places, just a few GMs online would be enough.  Tonyy Trann the problem is what they do with the market and gold sellers get their gold from bots. buy Blade and Soul Gold does she even has a dick though?

Am I the only one getting annoyed with all these "I had to quit BnS" comments. Like absolutely NO ONE CARES about you leaving the game. Just leave the game. Unlike the page for that matter. Why are you wasting your time? The freaking weapon and item upgrade system after level 40 makes no sense. Even if you did all quests you wouldn't have enough to buy MTS anyways. Yeah. It's insane the amount of mats they ask just to upgrade a weapon.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Blade and Soul Destroyers play

Looking forward to the stream. And if you have time to 1v1 me Buy Blade and Soul Gold Jonathan! We will wager your shoes! Paun Toni Andrei Me and Jonathan play the elite master race! Destroyers!  banned the bot.. botting very disturbing other players.

 I did sent them bot and macro samples i gather from scouting web hack ,etc. my point is to help them to handle that fucking bots, i suggesting the old trik on ro 1, which is a captcha engine right before we enter dungeon portal and / or arena, but i didnt even get a single letter of response, not even encouragement. thats how i realize this game is just another sail and sink mmorpg type thing. So basically ruin it like every other Korean game that has come to the west by making it easy and handing everything to you. Good job.

1. What's wrong with Koreans?

2. People doing MT are in US, they will do it in their time not EU.

Really people who upvoted you, should be ashamed.
Games like moba's or fighters are balanced in the same way Blade and Soul Gold all around the globe, but this game should be different. U guys really have brain problems. Caz ShinoBu Lemon lol I will tell your mother and she will take away your goodboy points. keep posting mean messages and you will be banished from the basement as well!
To many gold spammers can't use any chat what so ever the ban list doesn't help ... Feels to much like a Korean Grind love fest , Hell ya didn't even bother to add healing skills ... Haven't logged in wasted my 75 bucks in pre order. Here is an idea.. how about supporting the thousands of players in Australia dn NZ with Local Realms? i have uninstalled the game because its unplayable with a 300+ ping.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

i already created a character at taywong

The only problem Blade and Soul has is the steady trickling of whiners commenting on anything they post! I am the only one who think the monsters are same for all zones :D:D:D fuckin wolfs and frogs lol also zones are same too .  This game is very time consuming if you want to be good. Dailies take a long time to do, Blade & Soul Gold if you're just an average player just doing dailies to farm money you'll roughly get 15G+ a day, the problem is that once you past Profane it cost up to 130G which I'm currently grinding for to get True Pirate. Not to mention the books needed for BM which is 550G... Either way this game is addicting and I haven't dropped it since, pvp is currently unbalanced there's a reason why bot uses Destroyers. Let not forget about Summoner and the bad targeting system to go with it. You either play this game as a job and get good or you play it to have fun.

But i already created a character at taywong. My friends were on that server too. Is taywong has a lot of players too? Who are willing to pay premium + store items, we have the same "issue" in latin america they want a closer server but they aren't willing to PAY the game through premium or store xD . So Atm I guess is a big NO for both cases. You don't, but we do! Don't speak for all of us!

The reason I wanted to Buy Blade and Soul Gold play B&S was because of the warlock and so far LOVING it to point that I make 2 jins (Male+Female) they look AMAZING. The real achievement I had was getting Infinite Challenge in only 3 days since WL release. Was lvl 40 at the time. Roy Masters: I was never trying to be the fastest lol Filipe Paraiba I have no life. And I barely slept. Thats how. Stop posting crap and tell us when and if you are going to fix the bot spamm class unbalace over priced npc items fps and latecy lagg removal off crapguard and so on so far i only see that your sticking your heads in the sand and pretend everything is great well short i can tell you that bots and hackers run the game and maybe you shoul just hand over the physical servers to them and find another business since as game publisher your useless NCSoft West.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

I'm running Blade & Soul

Just bad optimization. I run it on 121fps most of the times. but some areas drop to 48fps. i get 120 fps. scales down to 40 on bosses with alot of skill animations and players. Running the game on highest quality. You cannot see more than 60 FPS on a 60Hz monitor no matter what, since the monitor itself will always show exactly 60 FPS. Blade & Soul Gold And another thing u sure that motherboard works good with other parts?

What? This game is optimized better than so many MMOs, I'm running it just fine at the highest graphics with no issues.  I also have been having issues... profane jiangshi I typically lag out till the fight is done, then suddenly catch up and get no credit for killing him. In the 24 man E. Fleet Supply Chain I lag badly on Poharan's fight...

 which causes death usually. Yes, I turn off other players, my settings are not on high either, and my computer has Buy Blade and Soul Gold handled every other MMO I have thrown at it (including GW2 and aaaalllllll those particle effects). I dont really get it. My comp also takes an age on EVERY loading screen... my husband who sits 5 ft away is always loaded in faster than me.

I'm running amd phenom II quad core 3.5ghz, gt 460 2gig, 8gig crucial vengeance ram and run the game just fine. Stopped and went back to Tera. Just can't seem to like the soft tab-targeting. And PvE is also a huge lackluster. Also no healer or not even an archer. Might be fun for lots of other people, but it just isn't something for me. I like to be a healer/support in all games, but I can't in here (and with support.

I don't mean a midget with a cat fetish). It just doesn't feel right, I just like to be the one in control of a bunch of noobies knowing that I was the one that could even cure stupidity in the worse party ever XD Also like archer or a devastating sorcerer with powerful spells. B&S has neither (don't like the stacking type of sorcs). And more of a PvE guy (though pvp can be fun, just like PvE too much).

Monday, 1 February 2016

5 straight mbps internet speed

Hello i need help, suddenly i cant log in at all.. it says "Your login information is incorrect. Please try again", and i cant submit ticket because need to log in to submit ticket.. to begin with i cant even log into the website.. and i tried to reset password from the web, but no confirmation email is received...

why this happen when i just added 8k Ncoin frown emoticon Buy Blade and Soul Gold A PM would greatly appreciated,Cheap Blade & Soul Gold thanks.. Any info on the chat bug? In other game we used to delete the chat file inside the main folder of the game and then repair the client then it was fixed. I cant understand.. Maybe BnS is the best mmo in general for so many years, why the chat belongs to a dead end game? Everywhere spammers and bots gold sellers.. We cant even communicate anymore.. I still block and report but nothing happens. We have 50 player limit to block and they are thousands.

Again disconnected from the server lag on lag... i'm talking about angel's watch server. So pissed off. Everytime you do maintenance a lot of other bugs come out magically. I'm dc'ing when in open world and people are pvp'ing next to me. Crashed multiples times and that was the only commonality. This is a new thing that started happening. Also send report is failing when I crash.

Are you running as quick as possible when you hear pvp action going on next to you so you don't crash...like I am? Been gettin Disconnected from server 1000,2000 or 3000. I mean wth? Ive turned off my av, allowed the game in firewall, run the repair, flushed the dns, 5 straight mbps internet speed and these errors keeps popping up?! Come on NC, I've waited for this game long enough (even have high expectations.

Friday, 22 January 2016

who have Master F's Pack

Guys I have a problem I bought the Initiate package won't apply it says that and error has occurred please try again can I get some help please. The Initiate Pack does not include Name Reservation. You will not be able to login to the game until Head Start begins on January 15th.

All founders pack codes have been Blade & Soul Gold disabled until January 15th. You will not be able to apply the code until then. When i try to log in i get disconnected and client say: The game client encountered an error while running. Shutting down the game client.(4044) --- anyone can help me fix this? It's one of your applications you have running interfering with GameGuard. Go into Alt+Ctrl+Del and end any other programs running one by one while launching Blade & Soul until you figure out which app is conflicting with GameGuard and then just don't run that app while playing Blade & Soul.

I have a question if i use Master Founder’s Pack weapon skin on my hongmoon weapon and after that i decide to change the skin again do i lose that Master Founder's Pack weapon skin or can i get it back somehow ? The Master's Pack weapon skin is a one-time use only. Once you have used it, you either keep it or lose it forever. It is a major pain, Blade and Soul Buy Gold but you could always buy a second Hongmoon weapon from the Viridian Stone vendor and apply the skin to it and place it in storage and level it up later on if you want to use it.

Hello , anyone has downloaded about 12 GB , can log in and make a character ? or only people who have Master F's Pack ? Hey sorry, we don't have a way to do server transfers right now. We're considering it for the future but it's not available right now. That would be a good feature to add! Glad you guys consider members posts

Monday, 11 January 2016

you won't be able to play the NA/EU version

They never promissed anything. They said they would like this feature to be added it wasn't guaranteed. They never say that "it wasn't guaranteed" six months ago when i ask for it. I doubt they will give the foreign voices seeing as they changed a lot of lore and story. The voice and text wouldn't match up. Oh nice to know,i think im gonna kill my ears if i hear another "have enoght!" by a pirate guard.

i currently have the russian version, will i still be able to play it once i download the update? No, uninstall client and download new client and install. If you played the so called Russian sever, it was a private server Blade and Soul Gold .If you are from the CIS region you won't be able to play the NA/EU version as there is an IP block. You will have to wait for the offical Russian version.

Yeah the Russian server isn't official. So when Russia gets a server. You will have to restart. However there is no ip block according to there Twitter post.  I would say PC is better for blade and soul if you wanna run medium / high setting with a better graphic card. Some laptops cant play that high and only on low setting with potatoe graphics lol. Question, are we going to get back those xmas costume? :,(( (even thought xmas is over) Guys While Download , Can I Pause and Continue Buy Blade and Soul Gold ?? reply me please anyone has tried already , updating is 8.4 , isn't it ?

January 15th for founders everyone else gets to play on January 19th. Obviously people can't understand English, this is a lunch guide. so does this mean jan 19 will be a english patch now? Your question makes no sense. The game goes live in North America and in Europe January 19 2016. It will be in English while the EU version has Italian, German and French.