Tuesday, 24 November 2015

make a SEA server in reddit forums Blade and Soul

Amazing that day I have my birthday would be amazing gift...I will like every idiot already answered questions. Lest the mayhem start. Does anyone know if the Blade & Soul will have marriage system, it will be able to swim or something? I just saw this I'm so exited i been waiting so long for this game Blade and Soul Gold ...  If we've made an NCSOFT account for the closed beta, will that information be wiped too? Or will it be kept so we can use that to create a character when the game is released in January 2016?

Will u open silvermountain when open beta launches?or just stay in lv 45 max cap. Hello i saw one petition about make a SEA server in reddit forums that ncsoft told them if they get enought sings maybe they will make a server form them , i wanted to know if we can do the same here in South America make a petition form and get sings for get a server here in brazil like others game did. Sorry if this isnt the right place to ask this but i didnt know where else i can ask. Thanks for all. There is a few days left still to get an invite or beta key giveaway, keep your eyes open smile emoticon Next cbt starts on Tuesday. Admin, may i ask what time zone exactly did the NA server use..is it EST time zone -5 or PST time zone -8..as for me i need to sync it with my time zone soo i can tell what is the exact time to play with my friend smile emoticon thx in advance for the answer.

Keep spreading and support,Blade and Soul Buy Gold sea and oceanic players! NCsoft ,the demand is there!  I would sign if it didnt ask for email and address.. well...because it will be best if signer is actually from sea/oceanic area Please fix the Windows 10 lag upset emoticon my friends cant play. And please give us a 64 bit client. Pleasee~ I play on windows 10 and haven't experienced a bit of lag. Maybe it has to do with what area you're in also.  It's FPS and its a common issue among many players. (reported on various forums.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

fifa 16 gameplay style

fix refeeres, only see the player fault, not the IA faults. That's me just signed a 40 million player on a pre contract... Guess who's not turned up at the start of the season...  I like how suddenly the defender became retarded so the other player can score a goal.... oh by the way kids, don't forget to pay money so you can win buy Aion Kinah you matches against others who can't afford to pay for coins!!!!! you bunch of Muppets! please please can u check my acconte i always sold players and i get less money then i sold ? now i sale ronaldo with 5500000 and i get 300k less its always like this .. maybe i have to pay tax no !

Thank you !! It's the North London Derby! Does Mesut Özil or Christian Eriksen make a bigger impact? The colour percentage bars are all over the show. How is eriksen's 25 chances created have a bigger bar than Ozils 47? And ozil has less sprints per 90 mins yet the bar Aion Gold is over half way... The percentage bars are backwards .

 It's EA, did you expect something to go right? Ozil apparently ran 57.3 kilometers on average in 90 minutes ... That is more than 38 kilometers an hour .... Faster than usain bolt tongue emoticon. The server probably crashed half way through them making it lol. Must have had it set on 30 mins a half and changed the player settings to 100 pace.  It's like how in real life you take 8 shots but get to half time and ea thinks you haven't had any on the shots.

 Stats aren't even accurate. Ea give the wrong stats for their own matches lol they can't count shots or chances created in their own games never mind real ones. On Average, Christian created more chances as he played less time than mesut smile emoticon stats are right!  Daniel Butler Then, why is it not backward for the assists ?  maybe its relative on the minutes played? which still makes zero sense for why the average sprints in 90 mins is so high..

Friday, 6 November 2015

the male version of that armor

That kind of Monk armor looks awkward on males to me for some reason. AGREED!!! i wish they start making male/female version of gears... i hate wearing woman clothing as a male player Cheap FFXIV Gil ... I mean if you like showing off your abs, more power to you but it just looks better on females by default.  You realize it's based on armor worn by Yang Fang Leiden in FF4 right? Who also happens to be a male? It is, quite literally, the male version of that armor. Sorry bruv, I only started playing FF at number 8. Also, Then if that's the case, it's fine. My opinion is it's not really my cup of tea on males. You should see if on Lala males, its a belly shirt. almost like someone ripped the bottom half off so we can show off our belly buttons.

 Ir doesn't matter who wore that in any FF title, still makes you look like a clown. I wonder what ilvl the Singularity Reactor Ex stuff will be? I'm kinda hoping for 210, but then again, that's the upgraded SavageXander gear and the Gordians weps, so I reckon it'll probs be just 200, or maybe 205.So long as it keeps one away from HAVING(see 2.0) to touch the relic grind with a 10 foot pole, I'll happily do it.

Kristian Koivisto It's only i190 to get in, the weapons it drops are supposed to help people with Savage Alex progression, so it's probably i205 weapons. Jason Stapleton Meh, waste of time if it's gonna be the same crap Ravana gives you. And us casters. Wheres our gear preview. ((This gear sumwhat looks like Urths fount drop)) Lots of people saying Buy FFXIV Gil "looks the same". Yes, KOTR is giving new weapons, not armor. The armor looks the same because it is the same, it's esoteric gear. ;c Ugly stuff since a lot of patches.. Do what you do best SE: recycle the designer for a fresh one, and put the old into PR.   I've been away a good while. At least a two years I think.  It's easy to level up in this game..