Monday, 31 August 2015

Hats off to Naoki Yoshida

Guess I picked the wrong worlds Buy FFXIV Gils, was starting to think mmos lost the rpg part kiki emoticon last games I played you could barely keep up with the folk around you. You have to be in a guild or main city area for talking. Just how this game works since a lot of people play console. Main cities are mute, tried that on the servers I've tried so far. Closest I get to talk is being spammed with fc invites by folk that I've never met, or even seen before with some of them. One even sent one standing right in front of me but couldn't type "hi" or even emote a wave for the lazy. Maybe I'm setting my standard too high tho.. "hi" is a lot to expect these days  I might have to resort to drastic measures for dragging life from them ^w^

 I should mention FFXIV Gil I'm in the states so a euro server might be rough to connect to. Behemoth's talkative and has pretty friendly people from my experience.  I moved to Brynhildr and never looked back. In the first 2 months since moving there my friends list grew to over 100 people and i'm always in Limsa socializing. Best decision I ever made.  Lamia is pretty exciting too looks like you rolled bad lol/

I have been here since 1.0 and it has been amazing to see the evolution of this game into what it is today. Hats off to Naoki Yoshida and his team.  Amazing! This event is really neat! Thank you! This is the best MMORPG I have ever played in my entire life. This is the only MMO where I felt like the creators actually cared.. Just renewed my subscription today.. Then 30secs later it keeps telling me my password is incorrect. Has anyone else had this FF14 problem? The game says it's checking the launcher version then goes to a quick white screen then black screen. It's stays at the black screen for good.  Everything about this event is amazing. Seriously. Did I miss something? All I got what the 2 quest minions.