Friday, 25 September 2015

releasing FF XII remastered before the end of the year

SO it's a triple feature? Three interactive movies? Still waiting for Final Fantasy VIII-2.  i got a tonberry plushie and final fantasy 7/8/10-10-2 8 is on steam the music is so messed up Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil i can't play it just no please get them to fix that,7 on ps 1 and 10- 10-2 on ps4 iwont be getting these books cause fallout 4 is coming out also i dont need them. Jordan Rodriguez final fantasy X-2. My favorite game of my childhood.

Ok fine. Now how about releasing X and X-2 on xbox mmkay? I played FF10 for my first time once I got my Vita. It's easier for me to commit to an RPG on a handheld. I enjoyed 10 once the world opened up to me a bit more and I could do more sidequests. Overall decent game. 10-2 on the other hand couldn't hold my interest. I'm a huge fan of FF job systems. FF5 remains my all time favorite still, and I loved Bravely Default despite its flaws with the later half. But 10-2 just couldn't do it for me. Please consider releasing FF XII remastered before the end of the year. There's no big JRPG releases coming. What do you say Square Enix? Please ... pretty please? I love you guys! Keep up the great work! smile emoticon

Their last game guide set was absolute garbage. So many errors it's not worth it. Will this be a debacle like the first set? For the love of all that is good in holy in the world square Enix release all of these on PC and please don't skimp on FF12 Hd remake. Psssshhhhh I got all excited and thought this was a game box set and 12 was getting the remaster treatment too. frown emoticon . I wish final fantasy was an action game instead of stupid Rpg! Only vincent valentine game was awsome because it was an action game. Expensive for 3 guides, Cheap FFXIV Gil sorry. I will skip them. And btw. Is the guide from FFX and X-2 the internationak versions? Since the americans dont have Penance in FFX and europe have.

Would be soooo waste of money to buy a guide thats not even complete. Reminds me of the guide from FFIX giving website links instead of information in the guide itself. Is this a hint that XII could get an HD remaster? You should make a Final Fantasy Anime like Tweeny Witches.  I want 12 remastered. Plsssssssss, This is one of your best FF. you have to do it!