Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I bought FFXIV for PlayStation 4 in the stor

I wish I had some consistent buddies to play this game with and enough funds that I could afford the monthly sub with no issues. I want to make a new character and go through it all again and enjoy myself. Ever since some douche bag from my LS started creeping on my wife, I can't go back to ffxiv. As much as I loved it, a taste that bad never goes away. So f*ck you Lexis. I treat you as a friend and invite you into my home and you repay me by telling my wife to leave me and move to Georgia? Eat sh*t.

 Samurai isn't confirmed at all til it is. People saying it is but where the facts that says yoshida said out of his mouth samurai was confirmed. A tshirt only hint not proof. FFXIV Gil Can we just PLEASE get some translation for the rest of the stream lol. Not all of us are fluent in Japanese but all of us paid a lot of money xD. When can I pre-order the collectors edition, someone please tell me. When do the collectors editions become available for preorder ? Jonathan Philemon You are the very first person ever to actually write "Samuel" instead of "Sam" when referring to the director of the SM trilogy. Cheap FFXIV Gil Are you sure everyone else that casually uses Sam are the ones stretching and forcing?

Can someone help me please !!! I bought the game for PlayStation 4 in the store but i had allready played on Ps 3. But i wanne use my account from Ps 3 to ps4 but iT cant !!! Why??? :( i really wanne play again ! Dan Reeves guess it's collectors edition for me to get the chicken knife for the red mage i will make on release. Instead of lamia beast tribe should have made it a new race! People of the snake!  Wish the spent time on other jobs than making dumb rdm just so people can rp in hat.

 The swimming feature made me think, what if they added Emerald weapon boss from FVII and we had underwater combat. Hell yes! Anyone that's been away from this game this is the best Christmas gift ever :) thank you Square Ex.  Just when I thought I was out, they release Red Mage... What! We can swim now!! Whattttttt I'm excited. I think it's about time I purchase another subscription.  I started but never got to finish it.  Keyla Ann Martinez that hairstlye on that monk tho. I'm tempering my expectations, seeing as it's likely going to be same old DPS with a mildly different flavor. So the odds of actually having much of a utility/support role and actually feeling like a Red Mage is pretty unlikely imo.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Top 4 Player’s Choice voting winners are now available on the Hongmoon Store

Well, considering this is a new post It's probably my best bet getting an answer... Okay, so.In 2015 You guys responded to a question about Oce or SEA servers with "Hey Nathan, we're still in early days currently. But if we feel there is a strong enough playerbase somewhere to support additional servers in other locations we will of course investigate. Blade and Soul Gold So encourage your fellow Oceanic/SEA players to contact us and let us know they want Blade and Soul too!"

He even started a petition advertised only in that comment section [EDIT: obviously spreading to things like reddit] getting 16.5k supporters! I don't know about you but that sounds like a reasonable amount of people, I absolutely love the game but struggle how the game is reliant on ping levels, have you ever been sitting outside the area of impact on an ability for at least 2.5 seconds only to get knocked down and pretty much one shot? We have been crying out for so long we don't care if the servers are overpopulated we asked for it so we can deal with it, I don't even care if i have to start over...

Anyway, sorry to be a bother. Thanks The Top 4 Player’s Choice voting winners are now available on the Hongmoon Store for a limited time! i wanted 2 of these damn i thought theyed be on till the end of the 16th .-. i wanted 2 of these damn i thought theyed be on till the end of the 16th .-.Oceanic sea server please This is such a late post XD. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  Doesnt it ends today? Wake up sleeping half the game because it will try lol. Thats like 10 crystals. since pepole spend like 1-3 g per cyrstal. More holiday-themed costumes are now available on the Hongmoon Store—including the highly anticipated North Star set!

 Aions event are better than bns ones, look more money here and there and dont come with the generic "you can buy it with gold". Not to mention rediculous head accessory for that price... at least if it was another decent wig or cool hat that goes well with other things. Highly anticipated meh, at least the wepon skin looks awsome. The staff looks like it could have been from CCS, minus the snowman of course.  You can get the holly jolly costume and headpiece from event merchant. I know right!!! "Give us free outfit!", "the head accessory is ugly", "omg greedy publisher". Jesus christ, this kind of people always find a reason to cry. Lmao.