Tuesday, 2 May 2017

FFXIV stormblood

I'm glad i cancelled my sub to play the free trial.. at least I didn't waste money on emotes and apparel.. And a new bonus Monkey king set which I cannot get because I'm EU Scum... thanks SE... For how often you add more dlc to your subscription based game, stormblood better be the best mmo expansion ever created. Lindsey II I live in Australia NA codes don't work on EU accounts. Add the flying cloud then I'll give you money until then no thanks!  Wahhh $10 for bardings and it not account wide wah wah wah Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Deal with it, don't like it don't buy it simple and send complain to SE about it. What an idiot. People want the stuff but they're not going to buy it if it's too expensive and not account wide. The Odin mount and sub rewards are account wide so why aren't the cash shop items?

Than don't buy it, that way they'll see that they not making money from cash shop and will start making it account wide or something better. Put the maid outfit and cait sith ears in mogstation please.  The sub rewards and $20 Odin mount are account wide so why aren't the cash shop items account wide? Why do these things cost so damn much and Cheap FFXIV Gil why aren't they bound to the entire account instead of to just one character? It is too much for a single character. Most other mmo's bind the emotes, mounts, clothing to the account so all the alts can use them.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the Mogstation additions!
I shall grab them as soon as i can. Soooo we get the angel looking gear for chocobo but we don't get the wings.....Okay. Will you be my right, my acute or my obtuse angle? but you went to amazon for the chinese items ... rip. We dont get the angel or demon outfits? Q.Q. What about the costumes that match those bardings?  Yes I'm more wanting the costumes. Is this attainable through a grind in game? No? Thats why its optional.

Since when has anything on the mog station other than the Phial of Fantasia been "useful" Its all emotes and some form of glamour. Its like all of you people complaining have never played this game before. How about stop complaining and not buy it? Enjoy the god damn gamd that SE have been continuously working on, giving us regular patches and not 1 but 2 expansions. If you don't like it then go back to WoW.