Sunday, 20 November 2016

Final Fantasy video just went live

Mega man X and castlevania came to mind right away. Dear god... You're right.. What happened to good ol low end games that had amazing gameplay for a cheap price..? Will this have trophy support? I've been curious for a while now. so when will it arrive on PSN/XBL? After the games initial release then it becomes a dlc item, if I were you, wait for the season pass I bought mine at Gamestop for $25 and there at least 21+ dlcs including 3 episodes of standalone gameplay of gladio, ignis, and prompto, plus you get female playable characters(sometime after the 3 episodes are out) and you get 4 player CO OP multiplay(also comes out after the 3 episodes) but the season pass gives you access to all that.

Sooo your telling me that the only way to get the masamune is to order the digital game, and the only way to get king's tale is to preorder from GameStop? Man this is just silly. Buy FFXIV Gil Ooop did not see the chart you posted till after my second comment thank you Aunna.

 So let me see if I understand this correctly. I managed to but the Ultimate Collector's Edition for about $300, and I not only miss out on the Amazon preorder dlc, but this too? Cheap FFXIV Gil Nice.  I also find it ridiculous that the Ultimate Collector's Edition does not have all of the FREE pre-order bonuses.  It doesn't have the season pass either lol. The only pre order that has it is the digital deluxe. I really don't understand why they're doing that.

Cut out season pass for kingsglaive and a snappy suit for noctis I guess? Our Final Fantasy video just went live and for one of the first times I was in FRONT of the camera! Really lovely scenery, looked a lot like the game itself! The guys could have used a bit of a design adjustment (not a terrible attempt though!) but other than that, it was a fun watch!  it said "inspired by"...they're not cosplayers lol. I appreciate the laughs from this video, it relieves the stress of waiting for the game for so long. The closer to the release the worse its becoming.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

FFXIV Original Fat Chocobo Mount

I think they are? "We will be providing a pre-sale period for our active players from November 2 at 10:30 (GMT), a whole week before tickets become available to everyone else! If you were an active player between the dates of September 1, 2016 and October 6, 2016, Cheap FFXIV Gil then you will be sent a unique email to the email address registered to your Square Enix account on Monday, October 31, 2016."

So hey, as a rat owner, I would like the Tiny Rat minion to be able to climb up on my character's shoulder...silly request, but hey . The price for the fan fest ticket is definitely not worth as much fun as it would be to go half that price seems more realistic think I'll just watch the live stream this year. So our fan fest tickets are effectively 60-70 euros more expensive than what na paid for there's it makes no sense. I have this and sell it on EBay: Original Fat Chocobo Mount, Maid Attire, Butler Attire, Crag Mask, Inferno Mask, 99x Magicked Prism (Wings). ONLY work on North American Square Enix accounts.

Especially as it's held in an area that for lot of the fan Base are going to have to make big travel arrangements to get there flight hotel etc it seems extremely extortionate... FFXIV Gil I mean I'm from the UK and a 4 day festival with a slew of bands over 4 days is about the same price seems like they made some miscalculations somewhere along the line.

How much was the NA one? Cause I thought this seemed a little expensive but kinda assumed it was a similar price to Vegas... Guess not? Marianne Jose theres was like 132 dollars !  Any word on the Japanese Fan Fest or live stream yet? Dang. Of course fanfest is in a city I've moved from x.x lol. Hahahah! Definitely not worth it. Neither travel nor stay. Im so in love with this game. After playing Guild Wars 2 for 4 years and now playing FFXIV iam beyond happy. Most of the FC I'm in can't go now as we weren't expecting the price! Oh well, next time.