Friday, 28 June 2013

it's about being able to farm Inferno mode with gear in Diablo III

Spending countless hours grinding in hopes that I find a 1/1000 item I can sell on the AH because I know I won't find anything I can use, is not exciting too me. Sure it's MY enjoyment that is affected, but I think out of what 12m purchases only around 600k log in monthly Diablo III account? I have the feeling I am not alone. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoy the game Kyle, and it's obvious that people really wanted to like Diablo III or there wouldn't be so much hate. I'll hop on again when the patch that is supposed to fix how boring everything is happens. Itemization. Now too bad they couldnt fix the boring Stat  buy d3 goldsticks and everything being tied to weapon DPS.

I remember in Diablo 2 when the game was about playing the game and trading. Now it's about being able to farm Inferno mode with gear you can't buy until after you farm Inferno because people don't seem to understand that simple rule.

Actually false. The Auction House plays a big part of a person enjoyment. Drops are vastly lowerd by Blizzard to stimulate use of the AH. They admitted this. The console version even had the drop rates increased. So yes, Diablo III is well known for being Auction House tycoon. If that's what you enjoy, no hate. Glad you enjoy that type of game. Me personally, I am still awaiting Diablo III's release.

Monday, 24 June 2013

balance out your stats for barbarian

As barbarian, you will need to be able to balance out your stats. If you go for tank only stats, you will have issues. If you pick too much damage and will not be tanky enough, you will have issues as well and will keep dying.

I would say that +All Resistances is the MOST IMPORTANT stat for barbarian (at least until certain point).  If you don’t have any resistances, you will get insta-killed by champion packs in inferno. Monks have easier time with resistances, because they can just stack one resistance of their choice and all of their other resistances will profit from it. It is not same for barbarians. We need to balance all resistances. Sure, sometimes they might prove useless. But if you stack one type of resistance and then face champion pack with Diablo 3 account buff that you don’t have any defense for, you will die and will be forced to skip it.

Here are my rough estimates on the resistances you need for Diablo 3 items for sale each act if you want to be relatively tanky and abstain from dying while fighting champions:

For Act I you will need around 300-500 all resistances.

For Act II – 500-800

For Act III – 800-1000

Act IV – 1k+

While these numbers might seem high, remember that War Cry with Impunity rune will help you achieve them.

While for example act II is doable with 500 resists, you might be struggling at it with such res values (especially while doing some nasty champ packs). If you want to just go in and kill stuff without taking damage that can threaten you Diablo III accounts, you need to have the maximum value for certain act (in that case: 800+ resists).

Also remember that sometimes you might be able to do certain act with lower res values than suggested, if you are sacrificing some of them in favour of damage. Basically - the more damage you deal, faster the mob dies. Logical right? Sometimes offense is a best defense.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

SoF is used to promote players buying runescape accounts

There's a reason I've never bought a single spin despite doing well enough to buy some every now and then. It's because I don't like cheating and paying real money to get in-game gold and experience on the Squeal of Fortune definitely feels like cheating to me. :@

Seems as if your interests lie only in milking the players on the main game and sucking up to the OutdatedScapers.Thats about 20 spins not including any found or gained. The Genie bottle will likely be on rare, will likely get that within the promotion and get the lamp pieces from Skilling and Killing for buying runescape account.

I can see a lot of people making the lamp of djinn without the need to purchase spins.

Can only make one of the Lamp of Djinn, with a max of 2 as you can win one. I mean over the time of the promotion you get 2 spins or 3 spins if gold member a day. so 20 or 30 spins. I can see a lot of people getting sell runescape account the lamp of djinn without the need for purchasing is all i am saying.

Ah, my apologies for the misunderstanding. I thought you meant you'd spun 20 spins without getting any lamp parts.Another great promo for the better off players who don't do grinding as
they'd get their hands dirty. So much for teaching players that buying xp
is much easier than actually working for it. And of course this minority of
spin buyers you suck up to EVERY freaking week now will also get rs gold buy
with spins but you don't care anymore Jagex you money grabbing lying

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A healthy amount of HP is important for your barbarian

Don't get me wrong though, im not saying you should run around with 25k hp and 12% LS. I'm just poiting out that HP has lower EHP  values Diablo3 account than shown in calculators, as long as you have some form of healing.

A healthy amount of HP is important for those cases, when you find yourself in a bad situation. For example WotB falls off, you get jailed in desecration and a beam is cutting you and no mob is close to heal on. You might say it's a matter of good playing, but shit happens even to the best of us Diablo 3 items for sale. You should have sufficient EHP to survive rare situations like that and HP definetly helps here because stacking reductions/mitigation has its limits and it can be rather costly, while high HP can be cheap to get on some pieces.

The sustain of healing is of great importance. Depending on the build you play, you should have a good amount of LS and/or LoH. It's also important for fighting reflect damage packs. Life regen is not really a stat to aim for stacking high, it simply happens to be on gear sometimes.

LS is an amazing form of healing, but depends on your dps and ability/possibility to attack several enemies. Since it scales with dps buy d3 gold, you can think of dps upgrades as healing upgrades too. In general you should get more than 3% LS, meaning 1 item is not enough. 5-6 is cool.

LoH is not suited for every build, but can be great for WW or fast attacking builds, in combination with LS. Amount of healing from LoH depends on the proc coeficient of the ability you use multiplied by LoH amount and your AS/APS (breakpoints may apply).

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What's the point in playing D3 right now

I have sold over 100 Cain's Memory two weeks ago after the crazy patch 1.0.8 influx of players. Now things are starting to settle back to normal, and although I can still sell just as many Cain's Memory, I really can't make more than 100,000 gold per item. Previously I was earning 600,000 - 800,000 gold per piece with a socket in it.

Why did this item sell so well? Because people made new characters or returned to the game. Guide owners knew to target low level players when patch 1.0.8 came out, and I actually did a ton of videos on diablo III accounts for sale randomly identifying rares farmed just prior to the patch.

 What's the point in playing D3 right now?
Some people genuinely enjoy grinding endlessly. More power to them. Personally, I just log into D3 every so often, do a few Paragon levels or try out a new character, then go play another game for a while buy d3 items. Keeps the game fun for me.

    Just wondering as what's the point in grinding all the time at max level even if you're paragon level 100 i've seen streamers just continuously grind, reason i'm asking is I checked the RMAH and dosnt look like things are selling for that much anymore and there's a lot of great items for really cheap on the gold AH.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jagex stop begin so freaking generous

The free items for members are currently the Squid Cape and Seaweed Hair

Wow Jagex stop begin so freaking generous! Giving free what loyal members already have for free, you guys are a pathetic joke. I'm sorry, what? Bigoted? Are you serious? A bigot calls dark-skinned people the "n" word. This just further shows how childish some of you people are. Most of you are just complaining about things you never even wanted before now and never showed an inkling of buying. I'm not saying "perfectly fine to be slapped in the face by Jagex". i'm saying you need to runescape accounts for sale have your nappy-nap.
SO Jagex, what the hell you think you doin?

I log into to A BLOODY BEER COMMERCIAL????????

WTF GIVES???????


SMARTEN THE **** UP !!!! You. People rs gold for sale like you are the reason I am embarrassed to play this game.

People like you who drop to the floor like a 4 year old and start kicking and screaming!

People like you are the reason Jagex doesn't reply to people very much.

People like you are the reason I don't want to play sell runescape account this game! People who basically scream at people.

Jagex isn't some faceless punchbag for abuse! They are people like you and me and deserve to be talked to with respect!


Monday, 17 June 2013

Jay Wilson Rules out Diablo 3 PvP for 2013

While Jay continues to be game director and remain silent, all fingers are going to be pointed at him, including mine. However, at the same time, I’m not blind to the fact that Jay appears to have absolutely no power.

The dumbed-down console UI for a PC game… the RMAH with an item system designed around it… were these the brainchild of Jay and his team, or marching orders passed down to Jay, which as game director and a person who wanted to keep his job, had the responsibility to implement Diablo 3 items?

D3 is most likely a train-wreck due to corporate greed. And Jay is in the unfortunate position of being the face man.

I feel that Jay has a great sense of what it takes to make a good game. It’s the direction that Blizzard has recently been on since being acquired by Activision that ruined D3 … not the devs.I think so too. Jay did Dawn of War 1 which was really good. And D3 really isn’t THAT bad. I do not like all the design decisions the D3 team has made, but i think Jay is a cool guy who gets scapegoated way too much Diablo III account . I am guessing he likes actiongames and is not too much into the boring stuff, like numbercrunching and theorycrafting. What is sad because that is what i think D3 is lacking (among some other stuff).Yes, Jay was the leading RTS designer in the industry in 2006 – CoH was pretty amazing from a design standpoint.

That’s why they hired him – to lock him away and keep him from competing with the SC series. Protect the series  D3 items for sale you care about while showing contempt for the series you despise and have no hope of getting right: win-win.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Diablo® III Console Preorder Bonuses and Exclusives

New Diablo® III Console Preorder Bonuses and Exclusives

Planen Sie Ihre Couch und betrachten stärkenden Ihrem Wohnzimmer, denn am 3. September, Diablo III wird die Hölle sowohl auf der PlayStation ® 3 und Xbox 360 ® zu entfesseln! Es lohnt sich Diablo III items for sale, gegen die Mächte der Brennenden Höllen vorbereitet zu sein, so erhalten Sie Ihre Vorbestellung ausgekleidet für das PS3 ™ oder Xbox 360, als zusätzliche Boni im Speicher für diejenigen, die den Kampf für Sanctuary ihre großen TV-Bildschirm zu nehmen.

diablo 3 accounts for sale

I wonder after I do the pre-order, how and when can I get those items from? they can use a controller D3 gold to play the game, but I got a warning on my account for using a third party program that allows me to use the same Xbox controller? Yeah that's fair.

I'm somewhat amused though not in the least surprised that this isn't going to any Nintendo consoles. If Nintendo  can't even broker a deal for a point-and-click games as this one is.... geez their 3rd party relations are absolutely pathetic as they have always been for some reason or another.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

in support of a ladder system

There's a big difference between "We don't want this feature" and "We decided it's worth adding after all", and sitting around for a year doodling in a trapperkeeper. The first one involves a collection of individuals changing their minds to a directly opposite viewpoint to one they emphatically took right off the bat and stood by for a long time, the second one involves people ignoring the first and assuming that it's because of ineptitude diablo 3 account sale.

t's nothing as retarded as making a sequel of a game but taking out some prominent features of the game without adding something as prominent yet keeping the style of the original in the sequel diablo3 account .

I genuinely wish it were possible for the past developers of the Diablo series to sue the heck out of the current team and their bosses for stealing the title Diablo and then not doing anything good with it. Why wasn't this game called something else with different skins and different characters? Oh, I know why: because then it wouldn't have sold millions of copies. Because Activision/Blizzard is greedy and no longer cares about the quality of their cheap diablo 3 gold  games (with the possible exception of Star Craft 2, although that's debatable).

I'm definitely in support of a ladder system. It was a big part of what made D2 fun, for myself and for many others. I would prefer they don't add any ladder-only benefits though, unless maybe giving somewhat higher drop rates to compensate for the fact that the economy won't have to hold itself up forever. Resets every 6 months or a year would be good.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Monks guides on diablo 3 items Since 1.08 Patch

Since 1.08 Patch repair team mode under the monster's blood, plus there is an additional incentive to team up mode Diablo 3 items.

Now makes a single brush is not the mainstream, with the base of the faithful as a team not only to play together also a rich reward.

At the same time, tanks monks began the subject of attention, all aspects of Build let other occupational used once say good, but ......

In the monastery there are still a lot of layout players for tanks with a variety of issues monks, also gave birth to the idea of ​​making this post.

An "attribute weights."

The following properties only for monks to analyze the tank.

[Main attribute]

1 Strength: 1:00 forces can bring 1:00 armor, armor for monks poor and weak are a great help.

2 Agility: Agility brings dodge chance (descending), with the first hole candle machine brings 1:00 2:00 agile armor.

3 Intelligence: 10:00 1:00 intellect can bring all resistance, monks Heaven itself, does not recommend investing in intelligence.

4 Stamina: 1:00 physically able to bring 35 points value of life, no matter what the circumstances are not recommended below 60,000 value of life buy diablo 3 items.

[Attack attributes]

1 Attack Speed: Tanks monks lives depend hit recovery, so attack speed is higher the better, and a minimum of not less than 2.2.

2 Critical Hit Chance: Tanks Monks refined gas recovery depends crit, so crit chance is as high as possible, a minimum of not less than 40%.

3 crit damage: Due to injury stays low crit damage even if it will not significantly increase the damage to see their likes  Diablo 3 account selling their own investments.

[Defensive attributes]

2.2 attack speed, 40% crit chance, 700 all resistance, 4000 armor 60000 value of life, 1,000 hits life restored.

These attributes are possible depending on their financial resources, to adjust status, such as dual wielding weapons require a slightly higher value of all resistance and armor to compensate.

Second, the "fitted price"

The most basic set of equipment price monks how many tanks?

20 million, 20 million is not wrong, neither more nor less.

2000 Universal let you walk right under 10PP not die, if you want Zhan Zhuang need more financial support.

However, tanks monks intention is to let you use the least amount of money to achieve the highest efficiency, how much money to spend in the output equipment recommended above.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

three tips for Witch Doctor of Diablo III

tip 1

If you have just started buying equipment, and began to play the witch doctor, I strongly suggest you use the hands and arms, is the legend: aunt - Adams Cowan.

Looking for a white 1350 or more, 300 or so intelligence explosion injured about 190, 5.5 vampire with a hole, make sure enough you for so long 
diablo III accounts.

Moreover, this investment is definitely the best value of weapons inside.

tip 2
Alone talk about: BUG hammer. Why do so many equipment alone it? Just started playing with friends, you will see no matter what trading platform, or Kane trading, BUG hammer is absolutely flying, "Artifact." Naturally, this is the price to fly ......

So in order to play with a friend just started not to waste gold, I personally recommend, please do not blindly with BUG hammer, when your other equipment, there is no standard time, BUG hammer will give you gorgeous panel, but you will like me , tough battle ...... your blue, totally can not keep up. Your blood, completely sucked it back. Of course, if you other equipment "standard", I think you have not a novice, DPS estimated to have more than 300,000, the property 
diablo 3 account buy balance, ease, then you will be your own judge, witch is suitable BUG hammer.

Or a 1200 white, + intelligence, high-explosive injury, three vampire, a hole yellow weapon for you, huh, dual wielding remember as a good choice of ancestral deputy vice. That is, we often say that the radish it.

These are purely wasted billions in gold after a personal sharing. Also hope that new players can help, do not step my footsteps 
 buy d3 items......

Also on say an on DPS grade.

tip 3

Please do not look at leaderboards. YesFirst, 50 tens of thousands of DPS, but ...... you play the game is to brush strange, team, adventure, play equipmentIf based on these purposesdo not use excessive superstition list.

Ranking There are some players can give you a little fitted orientation. But some is to punch list. You will find that you spend a lot of money lost with a set of similar equipment, but the brush strange but 
buy diablo 3 gold very tough battle, I am. At least in the tens of billions wasted in this regard, and I do not want to step my new friends footsteps.

Personally I find it much easier to do everything by hand to start with so I can just focus on being creative rather than messing around with layers and zooming in and out.

Ok, so this has been bugging me for awhile, but are you ever going to update the graphical features of the dwarves like you did the gnomes? The do not look "modernized buy runescape gold; at all and it really is bugging me :|also i wanted to say hi and give a shout out to my friends (if they are watching) Deaddy Bear (Dead), Bx Loco, Yack, Venomsbane, and 711rocks4!

Is there a way we players can influence how the current and future content will look in some way, like accepting concept arts for ideas? if so how buy runescape money?

I'm assuming after you've finished a project and it's been released into the game that you would come onto the forums to see players' feedback  cheap runescape gold.

-Do you start to worry at the last minute that people wont like what you've done?
-Does player feedback have much influence on your future projects?
-What is the most rewarding part of the job? 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

how to find diablo 3 items

I like the golden light that reaches for the sky and that sound effect when one lands... but then, i know the chances of it being any good still are low.

Low chance to drop
Lower chance to be good when it drops Diablo 3 items.
sometimes I feel the same too. Now that I am p100 sometimes I don't even feel like finish a run . Nothing to look for so far diablo 3 account.

In other games i like the rush of possibly getting some awesome looking piece of gear that helps me smash the baddies, and makes me feel like a hero.

I have lots of positive things to say of D3. An I have as many negitive.

The thing I like most about finding items, would be drop itself, legendry of corse. The thing I dislike most is it seems that 1 in a million is any good :-(

l am still yet to find that 1 Diablo 3 items for sale.

Monday, 3 June 2013

join RS picture gallary

I like this. I'm not likely to participate because my image manipulation skills on a computer revolve around MS Paint :D, but it's really nice to see the community being offered more of these opportunities to show off their talents. Regrettably, I probably won't be able to submit anything for the current music contest since I've been away and busy in the last few weeks, but hopefully there will be more competitions on the way runescape gold sale!

Also, I think a really nice prize would be an exclusive title, so for the arty competitions, they could be "Artist [name]" and for music competitions "Composer [name]" or something to that effect runescape money

First of all: Congratulations to the winner and runner-ups! You've send in some truly nice work! :D

And ofr this player Gallery I might do my best and send something in. I can help Armadyl get a few followers, maybe buy rs gold. =)
I like to think that the tittle of Neitiznot's drawing is a reference to a really hard game that came out in the end of 2011 and has an anticipated sequel coming March next year , but who knows might not be.

why keep complaining diablo 3

allow me to ask you haters why do you keep complaining about the game ? some like it some don't thats the way it is with every game... if you don't like it then why is it that you don't just unliking and do comment on something you like or play a game you like... its not that hard really Diablo 3 account buy.

I just simply don't understand ppl who complains about a game when it is released, of course the game includes bugs etc... that's why we get patches and so on, same thing with WoW, it got better and better with patches but these last expansions has just screwed the whole game. D3 is simply getting better and better all the time, just give it some time ffs. Haters gonna hate d3 items!

 well i dont know about US servers ... the EU are pretty much DEAD .... last time when i was on , 2 weeks ago for few minutes, and logging in for few days str8 to actually see how many people are playing , there wasnt more than 30 people online, the EU forums is dead as well ....i think we have reached the point of people just ' don't care at all about blizzard games anymore ' , they failed hard.... for anyone who thinks this game needs expansion, he's wrong, because they need major fixing to this game to be done, and than maybe add an expansion... but knowing people, i bet 90% will buy expansion no matter what.I might buy SC2LoTV, and that secret MMO of their depending what will be, only time will tell.... but that mmo is not coming for another 5+ years AT LEAST all in all, wow i still a nice milking cow  we could go on and on about fails for days about this company it makes no difference, people will buy their crap stories, awesome trailers and fail delivered products over and over again