Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Runescape was the same over the past 10 years

I can judge because I spent over 15 years as a developer, and if I had released code that had THIS much client impact, I would be fired on the spot. It's very simple really - do it right, the first time, no exceptions. Yes, that is why in the IT world there is something called a Q.A. process - and if you move out faulty code, it should be rolled back within HOURS if it's found to be that way. Says the person who found the issue Runescape accounts for sale that caused over 600 servers to be rolled back to a previous version less than 30 minutes after rolling out live.

After 8 years of play I too have lost interest in the game, mostly because of too many changes, most of my friends quit a couple of years ago, I stayed but the end has come for me as well. Thanks Jagex it was nice up rs accounts for sale until now.

Could you please fix the constant [hit enter to chat] thing that pops up every time you bank, or get attacked even with auto ret off and the action bar hidden? Could you please remove the click-able icons from the mini map space, put them outside of it. Everything else I saw today that was new, I like.

You guys need to stop crying like little kids over this picture. No one is ever satisfied whenever there is a new update or a new change. You think that any of you would still be playing if Runescape was the same over the past 10 years+? Why don't you appreciate the effort and work jagex is doing for us Runescape accounts selling? And how in the world can you judge an update in less than 1 day? Why don't you just try to play without complaining for once? I logged onto today excited to play RS3 just to see I;m banned for 115 hours for macroing... I haven't played for like 3-4 weeks and there accusing me for macroing on the 13th? Yeah right.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Chopping to the Top

Name: Let's Be Crazy
Description: Get an item from the rewards shop with chaotic in it's name
Levels required to complete: 80 Dungeoneering 80 Attack
Other content required (if known): N/A

Name: Rock Hard
Description: Clear all the rocks in a mining room
Levels required to complete: N/A sell runescape accounts
Other content required (if known): N/A

Name: Chopping to the Top
Description: Cut down a Grave creeper tree
Levels required to complete: 90 Woodcutting
Other content required (if known): N/A

Name: (not sure of a good name)
Description: Add Primal pickaxe or Primal hatchet to your tool belt
Levels required to complete: N/A rs accounts for sale
Other content required (if known): N/A

Name: All bound up
Description: Have 4 bound items worn or in your inventory at the same time
Levels required to complete: 90 dungeoneering
Other content required (if known): N/A

Name: Gods Help Us All
Description: Construct a prayer alter in the start-room in a dungeon
Levels required to complete: 75 Construction
Other content required (if known): N/A

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The runescape gods are coming!

The gods are coming! We’ll be highlighting a new god each day and letting our J Mods tell you why you should join them!
Runescape accounts sell

ZAROS. His alignment will keep you where you must be. The gods are not of this world, and must not interfere with it. Guthix was right. Let the Godless prosper!  i say let the dragon kin rule, they could destroy rs accounts for sale  any god if they assembled.  zammy tried to and zaros was weak and went into hiding so he could return one day instead of dying. Why the hell are you all saying zammy.... It's Zamorak.... Will it's an acronym. A shorter vers of his name. Half these replies are painful to read; Zamorak went with an army and attacked Zaros while Zaros' army was conquering. Zamorak had to use the stone of Jas (Elder God artifact) AND the staff of Armadyl to even have a chance.

It was stated Zaros still had more power even after being impaled on the staff. His downfall was when Zamorak also got impaled on it to sell rs accounts, and a power transfer occured. Then Zaros was banished (not hiding)

Even in his absence, his presence is strong. ol, he cant stand an impale from zammy x3 Zammy stabbed him in the back like a scrub though buy runescape account a real killer stares them in their eyes. Plus Zamorak had to steal a spear from Armadyl. Zammy's got nothing on Arma or Zaros. oin Zarosian HQ fc for our Lord's rise!!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bring Home the Bacon was a thoroughly enjoyable little quest

Bring Home the Bacon was a thoroughly enjoyable little quest sell runescape accounts. We had a wonderful time working through it and swapping jokes and puns in clan chat.

Thanks for the fun, It was a good quest, despite being short and easy. The only part of this quest that made me think about old-style questing was the "oh god something unspeakable is happening. We can't show it, so look at this kitten instead." That brought back memories of the pirate questline. Other than that though, I'm not feeling the old-style questing vibe. Also, Eli's secrets don't exactly leave any room for "implied." No, you all but said what he was REALLY up to. Also the hip-hip-hooray was weak. Still, bacon is good.

It would be nice if the pigs dropped all the teeth, though, and not just the teeth matching the machine setting Runescape accounts for sale. Also, the bacon stacking is a bit tedious.

You're forced to stack in stages rather than be able to go from strip to heap in one action. what meaty goodness awaits me! i swear by guthix this is not old questing runescape style, and if it was then we could all say quests are about random searching of items for a un-epic storyline. Obviously we know that is not true as the ones that have seen meiyerditch, the tree gnome stronghold or other epic places with unrevealed mysteries could say, but seriously dont make such noice for such a pittiful quest...
btw: Bug detected, when you call the new pig pet sometimes it turns in the pet options display as the baby troll, hope it can be fixed.

Can't wait to do this new quest in the future...

I've heard nice reviews from buddies. (*Cheers*) Here's to bacon and it's deliciousness.  Funny quest, lacked content. Gameplay was short buy runescape accounts, and i felt like there was a lack of an ending. Just you made a demand for pigs done. I was expecting an all out elaboration/extra bit but no it was just done.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

you dont need glories for abyss due to lodestones

If memory serves me right, there was confirmation in the HLF somewhere that the counter DOES include 07 and EoC accounts. Now, I can't prove it myself because I don't have access to it, but I am sure someone from HLF can confirm it.

And yes, there is a vocal minority, but there's a catch to that. If feedback is needed, who do gaming companies turn to? the vocal minority. what is a general representation of the macrocommunity (no, not the bot)? The vocal minority. So yes, while there is a "vocal minority", they very much Runescape accounts sell have the majority of the power in MMOs, so do not try to pull that argument with me; it's about as weak as Pro-EoC'ers saying Pre-EoC was bad because of the RNG.

Also, have you ever thought that you're part of that "vocal minority" since you're speaking your opinion on forums?When i got 99 rs accounts for sale  had made a lot of cash to pay for my other skills.

People that say "so if you dont like the lodestones dont use them and just grind the skills out as you used to" just dont get it. RC used to be dangerous and so the price of runes reflected the effort and risk player put into doing the skill. Now you dont need glories for abyss due to lodestones sell rs accounts and so pkers are non existent. Also there are no runners as the profit from rc is so low. The rc cape has gone from being one of the best to one of the worst, even more of a joke than hunter cape!

Why would anyone grind out rc the old way when there is no use for runes, so no profit, and no fun? Now you grind out rc using runespam which is sooo totally boring and obv makes no cash. The wildy used to be a fun place to go, but now the only people you run into are bots killing dragons.

Friday, 5 July 2013

RS 3 is finally coming to use

So excited!  Also, any information about Divination being available for Free Players? We have a terrific community out there and want to know!

Thanks for all of Your hard work, guys. We appreciate it.And to continue ^ will the world event in Lumbridge be for F2P too, or are those 'age quests' just for members? I'm not asking for it to become f2p, I'm just wondering rs accounts for sale.

I know you won't answer this, but here goes. You don't need to be a part, let alone the head, of the development team to recognize patterns or be aware of the large quantities of bugs that still exist in the beta. A quest (!!!), a boss (nice for the PvM lovers), and RS 3 - finally to sell runescape accounts, a month dominated by substance, and not by micro-transaction expansions. :-)

Too bad I won't be able to see the new graphics for a while - Chrome definitely won't get on my computer, period.

EoC was rushed - you've seen the results, you see the number of people online at a given time - it was a failure.
RS3 IS rushed - People with gaming rigs such as myself, that can run ANY 2013 game at 60+ FPS with 8X AA and in 1080p cannot get more than 15-20 FPS on RS3.
Either you fix the lag, or you'll end up with zero players soon, because the beta is unplayable at the moment.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Keep up the good work lads

Why do people care that it makes it easier?

All these places were easy to get to initially, but they just required items to get to. To me it seems like it's just one way of reducing the usage of backpack space on needless items that can now be avoided.

If you ask me JaGEx is doing bloody sell rs accounts good work under a lot of pressure from these cynical and pseudo-intellectual f#&*ing morons.

Keep up the good work lads .

In my previous post I meant to say ***** as in the tool u ***** in I never knew that was a bad word... I didn't say the f word wow.

These are some places that i would like to lodestone to buying runescape account.

Neitzenot and Jatizo
Mos Le'Harmless
Piscatoris fishing colony

ugh idk what to think about this update I like the fact that i will be able to travel everywhere easier but then again its making all the other ways of transportation you have to earn useless. Start increasing the world size and spread out the map more then start adding more load stones. Everything feels so cramped together and easy to get too.

Monday, 1 July 2013

RS3 is coming

1.With the advancement to RS3 can we expect to see a larger leap in graphical quality from graphical updates following the change to RS3?

2. Do you design chatheads for every npc made? If so do you think it's a shame cheap runescape accounts we don't get to see them all?

3. Do you wish you could design more animal like creatures as there aren't that many and the fauna of the world is limited?

4. Would you look at the environment around where animals were situated if you were going to design them so they suited their environment sell runescape accounts?

5. Many things come from other worlds how do you keep other worlds distinct even with the craziness of Gielinor?

6. What is the thing you want to draw most?

7. We've seen concept art of some of the gods do you have designs for them all yet?