Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Blade & Soul for any modern-day high end gaming rigs.

Gems and Transmutation allow you to further customize your Blade & Soul character.I am hoping someone gets me blade and soul for my birthday because the game releases on my birthday Blade & Soul Gold ! Good news! You'll be able to play for free on the 19th of January! Found that out due to the friendly community in the comments. Glad to see signs of a friendly and helpful community before the game is even officially out!  There is friendly community but also there are campers xD in terms of pvp ul start to hate the oposite faction xDD buuut it's gud that u have the surrender option and u can get out of pvp easily.

Unfortunately if you surrender, you lose all your faction quest progress. But if you don't then you keep dying when you spawn... there will be dicks everywhere. i hope the assasins have a better chance to get out of the campers then. You can play for free on russian server. But they did reset all the accounts and I've lost my characters..

Thank you so much, i so wanted to read about the Gems! I've made multiple feedback notes on the last 3 betas, where should I submit it in the forums? General discussion or bug reports BNS Gold?

The one in the image doesn't even give you anything, you spend 1G and 4 Fabric, to get 1 Fabric in return... Don't you ever try this during progression, only do when you have spares. Good spares. I dont have low fps, even in my laptop. Whats your PC specs? That's probably your computer, don't have any problems with low fps. The game is just not optimized, period, for any modern-day high end gaming rigs. It was created for low-end single-core computers from 2011 to be able to play it on a way outdated Direct 9, which doesn't fully take advantage of the powerful multi-core processors we have today. I doubt they'll fix the fps drops for us medium to high end users any time soon, but I agree 100% in dissatisfaction. Luckily I have no problems on BnS regarding any of the 3 latest windows OS (7, 8, 10), but I'd like to take advantage of my GTX 980 too..

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

want more than 2 new FFXIV dungeons

Oh god here we go!! I'm nut riding because I don't agree with your thoughts and relate to his huh?? I can't have my own opinion like you do? Sorry that you leave gaps in your rebuttals like a 7 year old who just lost his two front teeth. Don't go jumpin my case for your failures. You've got a whole different war to fight today. FFXIV Gils Good luck pumpkin!! Bman Smith You're entitled to your own opinion. I never said you weren't. But its ironic the way you've come at me is exactly the thing Sean is accusing me of.

I own 3 210 diadem parts, none are in my main. I actually do hunts, do my dailies and am in a static. I barely did my dailies last week because i've been farming Thordan. Please go ahead and make more assumptions though.

Pretty much most of your points are "I know how things should be fixed because I feel things are wrong with this game." Finding errors on a user front is pretty much finding bugs. What you've brought up are simply preference changes. You want more than 2 new dungeons for daily ex roulette, you want to que with a chocobo out, you feel story content is lacking Blade & Soul Gold , you're complaining about relic grind. You you you. That's all its about.

Oh, and I clearly am the first and only person who has ever wanted to queue with their chocobo out. There aren't any large topics about this on Reddit or on the official forums. Nope. None at all. It's only about me. I'm the only person who wants this and demand that it be fixed only for me, right? Right now, she's just too stubborn to know that she's really only speaking nonsense right now. It's okay. Bless her i209 heart. Naw you're part of the player base that whines. Ungrateful for what's been given to them to enjoy and because they aren't happy, it has to be an "error".

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

make a SEA server in reddit forums Blade and Soul

Amazing that day I have my birthday would be amazing gift...I will like every idiot already answered questions. Lest the mayhem start. Does anyone know if the Blade & Soul will have marriage system, it will be able to swim or something? I just saw this I'm so exited i been waiting so long for this game Blade and Soul Gold ...  If we've made an NCSOFT account for the closed beta, will that information be wiped too? Or will it be kept so we can use that to create a character when the game is released in January 2016?

Will u open silvermountain when open beta launches?or just stay in lv 45 max cap. Hello i saw one petition about make a SEA server in reddit forums that ncsoft told them if they get enought sings maybe they will make a server form them , i wanted to know if we can do the same here in South America make a petition form and get sings for get a server here in brazil like others game did. Sorry if this isnt the right place to ask this but i didnt know where else i can ask. Thanks for all. There is a few days left still to get an invite or beta key giveaway, keep your eyes open smile emoticon Next cbt starts on Tuesday. Admin, may i ask what time zone exactly did the NA server it EST time zone -5 or PST time zone for me i need to sync it with my time zone soo i can tell what is the exact time to play with my friend smile emoticon thx in advance for the answer.

Keep spreading and support,Blade and Soul Buy Gold sea and oceanic players! NCsoft ,the demand is there!  I would sign if it didnt ask for email and address.. well...because it will be best if signer is actually from sea/oceanic area Please fix the Windows 10 lag upset emoticon my friends cant play. And please give us a 64 bit client. Pleasee~ I play on windows 10 and haven't experienced a bit of lag. Maybe it has to do with what area you're in also.  It's FPS and its a common issue among many players. (reported on various forums.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

fifa 16 gameplay style

fix refeeres, only see the player fault, not the IA faults. That's me just signed a 40 million player on a pre contract... Guess who's not turned up at the start of the season...  I like how suddenly the defender became retarded so the other player can score a goal.... oh by the way kids, don't forget to pay money so you can win buy Aion Kinah you matches against others who can't afford to pay for coins!!!!! you bunch of Muppets! please please can u check my acconte i always sold players and i get less money then i sold ? now i sale ronaldo with 5500000 and i get 300k less its always like this .. maybe i have to pay tax no !

Thank you !! It's the North London Derby! Does Mesut Özil or Christian Eriksen make a bigger impact? The colour percentage bars are all over the show. How is eriksen's 25 chances created have a bigger bar than Ozils 47? And ozil has less sprints per 90 mins yet the bar Aion Gold is over half way... The percentage bars are backwards .

 It's EA, did you expect something to go right? Ozil apparently ran 57.3 kilometers on average in 90 minutes ... That is more than 38 kilometers an hour .... Faster than usain bolt tongue emoticon. The server probably crashed half way through them making it lol. Must have had it set on 30 mins a half and changed the player settings to 100 pace.  It's like how in real life you take 8 shots but get to half time and ea thinks you haven't had any on the shots.

 Stats aren't even accurate. Ea give the wrong stats for their own matches lol they can't count shots or chances created in their own games never mind real ones. On Average, Christian created more chances as he played less time than mesut smile emoticon stats are right!  Daniel Butler Then, why is it not backward for the assists ?  maybe its relative on the minutes played? which still makes zero sense for why the average sprints in 90 mins is so high..

Friday, 6 November 2015

the male version of that armor

That kind of Monk armor looks awkward on males to me for some reason. AGREED!!! i wish they start making male/female version of gears... i hate wearing woman clothing as a male player Cheap FFXIV Gil ... I mean if you like showing off your abs, more power to you but it just looks better on females by default.  You realize it's based on armor worn by Yang Fang Leiden in FF4 right? Who also happens to be a male? It is, quite literally, the male version of that armor. Sorry bruv, I only started playing FF at number 8. Also, Then if that's the case, it's fine. My opinion is it's not really my cup of tea on males. You should see if on Lala males, its a belly shirt. almost like someone ripped the bottom half off so we can show off our belly buttons.

 Ir doesn't matter who wore that in any FF title, still makes you look like a clown. I wonder what ilvl the Singularity Reactor Ex stuff will be? I'm kinda hoping for 210, but then again, that's the upgraded SavageXander gear and the Gordians weps, so I reckon it'll probs be just 200, or maybe 205.So long as it keeps one away from HAVING(see 2.0) to touch the relic grind with a 10 foot pole, I'll happily do it.

Kristian Koivisto It's only i190 to get in, the weapons it drops are supposed to help people with Savage Alex progression, so it's probably i205 weapons. Jason Stapleton Meh, waste of time if it's gonna be the same crap Ravana gives you. And us casters. Wheres our gear preview. ((This gear sumwhat looks like Urths fount drop)) Lots of people saying Buy FFXIV Gil "looks the same". Yes, KOTR is giving new weapons, not armor. The armor looks the same because it is the same, it's esoteric gear. ;c Ugly stuff since a lot of patches.. Do what you do best SE: recycle the designer for a fresh one, and put the old into PR.   I've been away a good while. At least a two years I think.  It's easy to level up in this game..

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I love ffxiv FO4 will win out

This looks awesome cant wait. Also that plant boss looks like that one from ff9's petrified forest no? So excited colonthree emoticon !! But man, I wish they would make Krile's outfit available to players. My cute level would go up so high! lol Ben George Pescod Dejan Tvc NOVEMBER 10 IT IS!!! Get your broomsticks ready ladies.  Aion Gold PLEASE! buy Aion Kinah Please make both Bismark and Ravana extremes accessable through DF solo. Bad timing.... Fallout 4 comes out next day... no matter how much I love ffxiv FO4 will win out.

Wow, the Brachiosaur(ff6) and Jailer of Fortitude(ff11) just to name a few. Void Ark look sick.  Hopefully I can get my gear to ilvl170 by then; been very lax in playing of late. Hope this cures the redundancy of clearing Alexander savage every Tuesday and then logging out. Gonna be a rough release with blade and soul open beta as well.

Did this game become more difficult? When I first tried it it seemed to be a little too easy,. Everything perfect, but please can we have a pvp area? Uncle!!!! Uncle!!!! Unclellllll!!!!! I can't take no more content!!!!! They are working on it Kirin Mount is first though. Early re-sub imminent, must resist... Fallout 4 on its way. Tempting, but nah. This game is nothing but an easy mode simple MMO with a player base full of mostly children. Only positives it has is the incredible aesthetic and possibly the music. I got bored of this game just after a month of "grinding" to end game content, which was completely lack luster. They dumbed down this game to appeal to the general public...It's quite sad really.

 Körde lvl 1-10 idag, någon mer som nerdat in sig i detta spelet? Inte hunnit med att spela på ett tag. Vad tyckte du rent allmänt sådär? adå! Mycket bättre än gw2 tex. Och lite klassisk Square Enix. FF-TOUCH. Men Det är inte som dom gamla . Just hope its as much as it looks. Im gonna be pissed if i complete it all in a day. Least i have an excuse to go back to my main class now though smile emoticon/ Are u online today ? Im coming online in about half hour.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Final Fantasy update

And the fact that ex primals are totally phased out by alex normal/esoterics is so damn sad. Wah wah wah I want to bitch and complain about something. Damn you SE for something, anything, just let me complain! I hate this game so much SE why do you twist my arm so much and FORCE me to play it! Seriously dude, don't like what they release don't pay/play Buy GW2 Gold . They have always released the 24 man raids after the main raids to allow those who don't/can't do the higher tear raiding a chance to get some decent gear too. But I suppose with you clearing AS4 for the past month you think only the privileged few who Cheap GW2 Gold raid and clear end game content should be allowed to enjoy the game right?

 Sorry we cant be extreme nerds like you some of us have jobs and families to take care of and cant devote all our time to clearing alex savage or farming esoterics. Calm down and just accept the new content for what it is. It looks amazing and will be bringing alot of changes so just accept it for what it is. I highly doubt you've cleared AS4. Plus every Final Fantasy update has followed this path. Quit now so I can hear one less person bitching about an amazing patch. When did clearing optional content become a metric of anything worthwhile? Congrats on clearing A4S, however, that doesn't make your opinion anymore worthwhile.
Lastly, great fallacy you've got going there, Kyle. "They've always done it like this so why change it" has been shown to be wrong in various points through history. Don't be afraid of change, son. Sometimes it's a great thing.

In the case of FF14 patches, yes, it's always been like this. However, it's not optimal anymore. What we got with 3.0: Most classes get useless skills, two dungeons with crap gear, delayed Esoterics, delayed Alex floors. yeah highly disappointed with the expansion, i thought they said there would be alot of to do when they were selling it. but its just like a big patch. and the game is a bit slow atm. they need to bring things into the game to keep us busy and interested. is there going to be new gathering anything? I hope they delete or remove the players finding "pf" as a mandatory to finish Alexander savage so I can find good players without transferring to another server.

Friday, 25 September 2015

releasing FF XII remastered before the end of the year

SO it's a triple feature? Three interactive movies? Still waiting for Final Fantasy VIII-2.  i got a tonberry plushie and final fantasy 7/8/10-10-2 8 is on steam the music is so messed up Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil i can't play it just no please get them to fix that,7 on ps 1 and 10- 10-2 on ps4 iwont be getting these books cause fallout 4 is coming out also i dont need them. Jordan Rodriguez final fantasy X-2. My favorite game of my childhood.

Ok fine. Now how about releasing X and X-2 on xbox mmkay? I played FF10 for my first time once I got my Vita. It's easier for me to commit to an RPG on a handheld. I enjoyed 10 once the world opened up to me a bit more and I could do more sidequests. Overall decent game. 10-2 on the other hand couldn't hold my interest. I'm a huge fan of FF job systems. FF5 remains my all time favorite still, and I loved Bravely Default despite its flaws with the later half. But 10-2 just couldn't do it for me. Please consider releasing FF XII remastered before the end of the year. There's no big JRPG releases coming. What do you say Square Enix? Please ... pretty please? I love you guys! Keep up the great work! smile emoticon

Their last game guide set was absolute garbage. So many errors it's not worth it. Will this be a debacle like the first set? For the love of all that is good in holy in the world square Enix release all of these on PC and please don't skimp on FF12 Hd remake. Psssshhhhh I got all excited and thought this was a game box set and 12 was getting the remaster treatment too. frown emoticon . I wish final fantasy was an action game instead of stupid Rpg! Only vincent valentine game was awsome because it was an action game. Expensive for 3 guides, Cheap FFXIV Gil sorry. I will skip them. And btw. Is the guide from FFX and X-2 the internationak versions? Since the americans dont have Penance in FFX and europe have.

Would be soooo waste of money to buy a guide thats not even complete. Reminds me of the guide from FFIX giving website links instead of information in the guide itself. Is this a hint that XII could get an HD remaster? You should make a Final Fantasy Anime like Tweeny Witches.  I want 12 remastered. Plsssssssss, This is one of your best FF. you have to do it!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Hats off to Naoki Yoshida

Guess I picked the wrong worlds Buy FFXIV Gils, was starting to think mmos lost the rpg part kiki emoticon last games I played you could barely keep up with the folk around you. You have to be in a guild or main city area for talking. Just how this game works since a lot of people play console. Main cities are mute, tried that on the servers I've tried so far. Closest I get to talk is being spammed with fc invites by folk that I've never met, or even seen before with some of them. One even sent one standing right in front of me but couldn't type "hi" or even emote a wave for the lazy. Maybe I'm setting my standard too high tho.. "hi" is a lot to expect these days  I might have to resort to drastic measures for dragging life from them ^w^

 I should mention FFXIV Gil I'm in the states so a euro server might be rough to connect to. Behemoth's talkative and has pretty friendly people from my experience.  I moved to Brynhildr and never looked back. In the first 2 months since moving there my friends list grew to over 100 people and i'm always in Limsa socializing. Best decision I ever made.  Lamia is pretty exciting too looks like you rolled bad lol/

I have been here since 1.0 and it has been amazing to see the evolution of this game into what it is today. Hats off to Naoki Yoshida and his team.  Amazing! This event is really neat! Thank you! This is the best MMORPG I have ever played in my entire life. This is the only MMO where I felt like the creators actually cared.. Just renewed my subscription today.. Then 30secs later it keeps telling me my password is incorrect. Has anyone else had this FF14 problem? The game says it's checking the launcher version then goes to a quick white screen then black screen. It's stays at the black screen for good.  Everything about this event is amazing. Seriously. Did I miss something? All I got what the 2 quest minions.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

life is strange episode 3

Looking for a more stable community with less abuse of the servers attributes and less trash talking, I'm from Excalibur, Primal. Anyone recommend me a better community, data center?
buy FFXIV gil

Looking for a FC as well, one that's been around and accepting for End Game and Casual.Looking for a more stable community with less abuse of the servers attributes and less trash talking, I'm from Excalibur, Primal. Anyone recommend me a better community, data center?If you played in my time frame love to welcome you. Fc hadn't been around long but the main people are getting into coils. Leviathian wink emoticon and triple dragon. Super casual and the server has a ton of endgame linkshellsWith as large as Excaliburs population is, have you thought about trying to find different groups on the server? You're gonna find good and bad no matter where you're at. Running isn't always the best option and the grass isn't always greener on the other side.I am from Excalibur my brother and I have a fc and we like to help also speak Spanish mo ps4 gamertag is khtulhu. EVEN THOUGH i directed against Lamia, if you decide to make the wrong choice, i finally found a good FC with endgame and casual play and social etc. took me to be in and out of 7 other FCs lol.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

challenges in Heavensward

Fight or flight? Which primal are you looking forward to challenging the most in Heavensward?

Neither because all the groups will either try to speed run it buy FFXIV Gil, kick people with 1 death or will give up because half the group thinks they can skip game mechanics and the other half doesn't have split second reaction times. (T^T)
Playing on JP servers, they are pretty friendly. FFXIV gil They also let me watch the cutscenes. I basically just watch cutscenes cheap FFXIV Gil the whole dungeon without even doing one further step. At least for the first time I do the stories.
Being in a good FC solves this problem. I also find that Japanese servers are generally friendlier then American servers. I've played on both but stick to the JP servers, better latency for us Aussies.

That's probably the smaller servers you're talking about, excalibur isn't like that at all. Alot of people keep transferring to excalibur, high player base
The only real problem I seem to find on the Phoenix server is lack of people to do dungeons, primals, trials. buy FFXIV gil I have taken a long break from doing extreme primals as if you have not done it before or have" Exp" you just get kicked immediately, and I enjoy going into these things without watching a video or reading a guide but if you don't then that is another automatic kick.
To answer the question though, Ravana. Looks interesting.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I'd just like the DFO AH

I'd just like the AH to be fixed since I've had several guild members say they're going to quit until the AH gets fixed, and if it didn't get DFO Gold , they wouldn't continue to play. I don't mind not having an AH (since I grew up on Diablo 2) but it sucks that it's turning away certain players.

CAPTCHAs really are useless. Just Google "image to text converter" - the technology exists, it's improving, and it's freely accessible. "Are you a bot?" questions are also useless since the bot can just be programmed to say "no", math questions are useless since bots can easily use calculators.

For something along these lines, the most effective thing is a question that can't be Googled (because bots can actually Google answers). For example, something like "What is Lee's job?" If you Google that, you'd never find a result about DFO since it's too vague. Unfortunately, once they find the answer, they could just program the bot to buy DFO Gold know the answer.

I have this idea if anything. Posted it a couple of times but yeah... Implement back Goblin pad. However, instead of you providing a password the password is randomly generated and will be sent to your email. Once in the email and you have said code DFOG will respond ingame with the code via email and then you implement it yourself for you to have access to your account.

This can be added on to if anything.

Monday, 4 May 2015

the original DFO

Can we please have kaleido boxes in the milageshop? I've been really appreciate the events and surprises you guys has put up for us! Two problems. One, sill having issues with connection. Second, when will we have controller support? Or do we need to download third party software to use our controllers?

Hey awesome game, need to do something about gold spammers though my block list is full.
"The community itself is very lively, active and passionate about the game they’re playing, so newcomers should feel welcome as there’s tons of friendly players that are willing to group up or invite others into their guild. Thanks to Neople’s strong support and buy DFO Gold watchful developer eyes, toxic players and gold farmers are surprisingly few and far between (at least when compared to the original DFO when it was hosted by Nexon America, anyway…) "

Haha! darn skippy they are few and far between and they can stay out! I still don't mind the fatigue system, which (though it wasn't mentioned) has actually been improved with the ability to carry over unused DFO Gold points for double exp the next day. It makes leveling alt characters so much less of a hassle than it used to be.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Au Ra character creation

The Heavensward benchmark, including Au Ra character creation, is now available! Test your PC ahead of release and try out the DirectX 11 client as well! Make the au ra horns customizable separate from the face plz.

yes please. I love one of the faces, but don't like the horns with it.   Yeah Seriously. Most of the faces are honestly ugly.  Some of the faces are actually pretty good, but the scale placement and the horns completely kill the shape. It really needs to be separated FFXIV gil
.All of my yes! I have the same problem Caymen FFXIV gil
About Sav coment i do'nt think they are ugly at all lol but the horns are amazing  i would love to custom then  .And, as a Playstation user, I and all those like me must now put up with instagram/tumblr/facebook etc spam of 'look at my awesome Au Ra'. XD;;;
*sigh*. Haha yeah, that response doesn't get old at all. *rolls eyes* XDYou don't need to run the benchmark to have access to the Char Creation if you have a laptop or PC - runs it in DX9 mode as well so.....

Thursday, 23 April 2015

buying DFO gold didn't get banned

I don't care enough because this game doesn't affect my personal life whether or not someone hacks you idiot. I have enough experience in dfo to have more than what hackers have.   I got that too, but my guess is because I left my character open with his disassembler all night. But I buy DFO Gold didn't get banned. Just logged off.

To those of you who are mocking DFO Gold those of them who have been banned:

Okay, I think we're good. Let's just go inside now. We can go in and play some DFO, and farm some cubes, and... Steve... STEVE! They're gone! Can it already! (Durr voice) "Take that as a warning, you hackers!" Yeah, really? I think the warning was like a week ago. Calm down, bruh, they gone. You're shouting at the neighbor's dog, for crying out loud!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


We'll be covering the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE on a special DUTY COMMENCED today at 3pm (PT)/6pm (ET)/10pm (GMT)! Tune in and get a digest of the show, meet a new Community rep and more!
That's nice, when are you people gonna do something about the recent flood of RMT tells and friend requests?   I had to unlike this to keep it at 420. but i love this. On a non bitching and non complaining note- this game is awesome. Youtube vid please for those who missed buy cheap FFXIV Gil .

Gonna be enjoying my free trial on my new account since xKaizerbeasTx13 was a asian account. Also got Final Fantasy XIV PC Limited Edition before I had these 2 account.& buy FFXIV Gil; I must admit I didn't really find the Heavensward talk that great since they merely were reading the slides and didn't translate anything from the Japanese live stream. Thanks Eric but this was actually feedback regarding this live stream. It was a waste of time actually, I hope they'll improve.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Heavensward moive is great

Judging by the SPOILACIOUS trailer, that beesh is dead. And that breaks my heart.   I didn't really think it was going to spoil that much so i watched anyway, now i feel realllllly stupid.&FFXIV Gil ; This person clearly was not watching to avoid spoilers. Thanks for ruining that for them.

Ollie, you should know FF doesn't use Phoenix Downs when they're really needed buy FFXIV Gil. They'll prolly just drop her in a lake in the middle of nowhere and call it good /sigh.   Preorder cancelled... Sure dude, how it feels buy the game later without any benefit?

 If you finished the main quest after the patch, this isn't really that much of a spoiler.  I'm pretty sure in the opening seconds it said Warning spoilers lol.  I'm glad she's dead. Wanting to abolish a system of government that has worked for hundreds of years because she was too weak to break from the Syndicate's influence.

Aldrin Lester Leyva you have to do the story to even have heavensward access.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

it is hard to level DFO with FP system

It isn't hard to lvl up really . if you started playing since Dfo launch you should pretty much have at least one lvl 58~60 character by now . and it's barely been 2 weeks. i find this actually fast paced ... you dun wanna cap your character in few days and start whining about being bored and there is nothing to do . you don't have to play with another character if you don't want to . PVP if you do you will certainly enjoy and practice your class even more . if you are in a guild arrange some events/pvp rooms with your guild mates . trust it is a lot more fun and time consuming than you think plus you get to actually practice on your class.
buy DFO Gold
Of course you can main a character with fp. i got from 1-64 solo in the 2 weeks of DFO Gold , very comfortably too. i dont see the issue....

While I fucking hate a game playing nanny for me and telling me I've played too long, it also has the plus side of getting me to either play alts or play other games. Gimme a good cash shop with a wide selection of ---PERMANENT--- avatars that I can pick and choose from (and not that "buy a gamble box that will maybe possibly give you what you want but probably not" bullshit) and I'll be a happy little dungeon fighter.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

open beta part 2 releases for DFO

Well technically, the CEO kinda lost all of them to CP thus resulting in us getting stuff lol like a new character and more Cera for us. Why was there no April fools event?
DFO Gold
Delete all your chars. Say it was a glitch, there ya go. Not to complain, but I am going to be so depressed April 13th! cannot update the game for some reason. felt so sad..the download speed keep saying "Analyzing" forever. Just part 1 of the open Beta. And depending on how well Part 1 went, Part 2 will be here within a few days after the end of Part 1. open beta part 2 releases after april 13th to buy DFO Gold. You should read their facebook page more often...Then after that presumably goes straight into full release like it did for the original DFO

Are we going to keep our characters? You guys are my heroes, thank you for everything !

Monday, 30 March 2015

They cant have people who just start playing go threw the whole process no one will do it..  thats the point tho megan, it's unfair to those of us who DID put blood sweat and tears into the relic if someone new/newish to relic just hops along and gets what we worked months upon months for in a few weeks.

But thats how exspansions work.. all the great gear u worked for becomes useless by lvl 55.  I got my relic in like five days ... Months upon months? Wtf are u on. To buy FFXIV Gil and get best stats it costs cheap FFXIV Gil over 10mil to make on my server.. most ppl dont have that kinda gil lol. Very new ps4 player here, since I've started playing ff realm reborn I've barely touched my other games. I'm a very grateful fan, excited about what's coming next  I hope I see most of what's already released before the expansion.

Question about Heavensward purchase (digital download): It says that it does not include "trial" days, does that mean there is no "free" 30 days included with it unless we purchased the package that includes the base game? That's kind of weird seeing as the current FFXIV CE is 49.99$ and Heavensward CE is also around the same price. The current CE has 30 days included, but Heavensward doesn't buy cheap FFXIV Gil?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

get the relic item without missing anything in FFXIV

Now I can actually complete the mission and the game and hopefully get the relic item without missing anything. Thank you for the positive, helpful reply.

in every mmo there is spoiled apples in a basket but if you see in it there are more good ones than bad ones just trow the bad away, so if you get to play whit jerks just leave can do other fun stuff waiting for cheap FFXIV Gil and a good team may take some time but it be worth it maybe even someone from your own server that you can play with again, can play some triple triad or some crafting, gathering, fishing, collect minions while waiting, this game have been out for some time now but is still a new game since it did become version 2.0 so they are still working to make it better, so turn that frown to a smile and let your adventure in erozea begin.

I'm not trying to sound snide or rude (the glory of only having text), you really should invest in a keyboard if you're on PS4. Trust me, it'll save you a lot of headache, especially when in dungeons. Most players greatly appreciate it when a new person lets the party know they're new. Most of us vets have no issues taking a new person through, explaining mechanics, as long as we know to do buy cheap FFXIV Gil so.   If getting one is out of the question right now, others have suggested making a macro to say in party chat that you're new.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

my experience of patch 2.5.1

Sadly, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) my life is far too busy to commit to the never ending grinding associated with weapons and armor from the coil and CT, so I'll clarify some that aside from that aspect of gameplay, the rest (new quests, Primals, hard dungeons, etc.) lasted about a day before I was back to only having CT and CoB as a reason to log in, and having played my share of MMORPGs, it's not really important to me to spend all that time grinding to upgrade items that will be, in all likelihood, easily replaced by quest rewards by the time I hit 55. It's way too early in the games life to focus on that as each patch and expac will overwrite the previous classification of what is considered the best gear. Granted, everyone is different and has different opinions on what is and isn't worth it, and that's great FFXIV Gil.

I just choose to wait until a game has more to offer than login, queue, repeat for three straight months while folding clothes until the queue pops. A good example of this comes from WoW and the legendary cloak quest chain.

Each successive patch added to the story, bringing the player closer to buy cheap FFXIV Gil obtaining a backpiece at level 90 that took forever due to several raid requirements, collections, fights, etc., some of which had mandatory wait periods of up to three weeks. And then once you had it, the new expac drops and suddenly, within days, crafters are making level 91 back pieces up to 50 item levels higher than the so called "legendary" cloak, making months or years worth of work completely irrelevant. Or back in the early days of FFXI, players hit level 41 and jumped on the pain in the balls quests to get their artifact weapons which were useless once CoP dropped. When the cap hit 75, people spent YEARS working on relic weapons, then the cap jumps to 99 and all that time and effort is now reduced to a wasted inventory space. Wanting to be the best is one thing. Knowing when it's a waste of time is another. So the tl:dr is that until the game offers more than harder versions of the same content or time consuming farming to upgrade things that you'll likely be selling to a vendor in six months, or quest lines (normal and MSQ) that can be cleared in, yes, one day, I'm opting to wait until there is more to do and explore that doesn't require me to stand around with enough time to knit a pair of gloves in between queues. As I said, the game is great, but I want to come back to it and not resent it.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

a mix of tp and mp skills for ffxiv

Chances are they have more of a mix of tp and mp skills, with a tp combo giving some mp back just like riot blade. Maybe also a CD to give you a more substancial mp recovery for panic situations. 

MP skills will be you big threat/damage skills, and your TP your basic and MP recovery skills. That actually makes me wonder if it won't work a bit more akin to Aetherflow stacks (except, perhaps, costing MP instead of restoring it?

These are my thoughts.The Dark Knight will be using his MP to draw the power of darkness. But it’s not just a simple using of your MP to execute your actions but you draw from that power of darkness and you can either use it for an attack or use it to boost your defense and you’ll be strategizing on maintaining that power of darkness and managing your MP so it’s a very unique style of play in the tank role.