Monday, 30 March 2015

They cant have people who just start playing go threw the whole process no one will do it..  thats the point tho megan, it's unfair to those of us who DID put blood sweat and tears into the relic if someone new/newish to relic just hops along and gets what we worked months upon months for in a few weeks.

But thats how exspansions work.. all the great gear u worked for becomes useless by lvl 55.  I got my relic in like five days ... Months upon months? Wtf are u on. To buy FFXIV Gil and get best stats it costs cheap FFXIV Gil over 10mil to make on my server.. most ppl dont have that kinda gil lol. Very new ps4 player here, since I've started playing ff realm reborn I've barely touched my other games. I'm a very grateful fan, excited about what's coming next  I hope I see most of what's already released before the expansion.

Question about Heavensward purchase (digital download): It says that it does not include "trial" days, does that mean there is no "free" 30 days included with it unless we purchased the package that includes the base game? That's kind of weird seeing as the current FFXIV CE is 49.99$ and Heavensward CE is also around the same price. The current CE has 30 days included, but Heavensward doesn't buy cheap FFXIV Gil?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

get the relic item without missing anything in FFXIV

Now I can actually complete the mission and the game and hopefully get the relic item without missing anything. Thank you for the positive, helpful reply.

in every mmo there is spoiled apples in a basket but if you see in it there are more good ones than bad ones just trow the bad away, so if you get to play whit jerks just leave can do other fun stuff waiting for cheap FFXIV Gil and a good team may take some time but it be worth it maybe even someone from your own server that you can play with again, can play some triple triad or some crafting, gathering, fishing, collect minions while waiting, this game have been out for some time now but is still a new game since it did become version 2.0 so they are still working to make it better, so turn that frown to a smile and let your adventure in erozea begin.

I'm not trying to sound snide or rude (the glory of only having text), you really should invest in a keyboard if you're on PS4. Trust me, it'll save you a lot of headache, especially when in dungeons. Most players greatly appreciate it when a new person lets the party know they're new. Most of us vets have no issues taking a new person through, explaining mechanics, as long as we know to do buy cheap FFXIV Gil so.   If getting one is out of the question right now, others have suggested making a macro to say in party chat that you're new.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

my experience of patch 2.5.1

Sadly, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) my life is far too busy to commit to the never ending grinding associated with weapons and armor from the coil and CT, so I'll clarify some that aside from that aspect of gameplay, the rest (new quests, Primals, hard dungeons, etc.) lasted about a day before I was back to only having CT and CoB as a reason to log in, and having played my share of MMORPGs, it's not really important to me to spend all that time grinding to upgrade items that will be, in all likelihood, easily replaced by quest rewards by the time I hit 55. It's way too early in the games life to focus on that as each patch and expac will overwrite the previous classification of what is considered the best gear. Granted, everyone is different and has different opinions on what is and isn't worth it, and that's great FFXIV Gil.

I just choose to wait until a game has more to offer than login, queue, repeat for three straight months while folding clothes until the queue pops. A good example of this comes from WoW and the legendary cloak quest chain.

Each successive patch added to the story, bringing the player closer to buy cheap FFXIV Gil obtaining a backpiece at level 90 that took forever due to several raid requirements, collections, fights, etc., some of which had mandatory wait periods of up to three weeks. And then once you had it, the new expac drops and suddenly, within days, crafters are making level 91 back pieces up to 50 item levels higher than the so called "legendary" cloak, making months or years worth of work completely irrelevant. Or back in the early days of FFXI, players hit level 41 and jumped on the pain in the balls quests to get their artifact weapons which were useless once CoP dropped. When the cap hit 75, people spent YEARS working on relic weapons, then the cap jumps to 99 and all that time and effort is now reduced to a wasted inventory space. Wanting to be the best is one thing. Knowing when it's a waste of time is another. So the tl:dr is that until the game offers more than harder versions of the same content or time consuming farming to upgrade things that you'll likely be selling to a vendor in six months, or quest lines (normal and MSQ) that can be cleared in, yes, one day, I'm opting to wait until there is more to do and explore that doesn't require me to stand around with enough time to knit a pair of gloves in between queues. As I said, the game is great, but I want to come back to it and not resent it.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

a mix of tp and mp skills for ffxiv

Chances are they have more of a mix of tp and mp skills, with a tp combo giving some mp back just like riot blade. Maybe also a CD to give you a more substancial mp recovery for panic situations. 

MP skills will be you big threat/damage skills, and your TP your basic and MP recovery skills. That actually makes me wonder if it won't work a bit more akin to Aetherflow stacks (except, perhaps, costing MP instead of restoring it?

These are my thoughts.The Dark Knight will be using his MP to draw the power of darkness. But it’s not just a simple using of your MP to execute your actions but you draw from that power of darkness and you can either use it for an attack or use it to boost your defense and you’ll be strategizing on maintaining that power of darkness and managing your MP so it’s a very unique style of play in the tank role.