Friday, 26 April 2013

get starlight ore and starborn diamonds

Solomon's store actually makes sense; I support cosmetic microtransactions. But XP, coins, and weapons? That gives rich kids an unfair advantage.

So mining any ore has a chance of yielding starlight ore and starborn diamonds? Is there a greater chance of yield when mining higher level deposits like mithril than there is while mining iron?

Couldn't think of an update for this week so you decided to to throw what, a few years ago, would have been unlockable content for all to enjoy onto the wheel, and telling the players to buy buy BUY!

Didn't you all say you'd cut down on the promotions? That they were dominating the release schedule? Stuff like this is exactly why 07scape will be your main game in about 6 months, or whenever players see how awful Rs3 is.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Runescape become better since 2012

Anyways, The updates made the game too 'heavy' for a browser game, to start. Then, The updates made it like every other else game in the internet, basicly, Runescape is just another one instead of being 'The One'.

RuneScape was stupid before. It was too hard, punishing, and quests were annoying. The updates since 2012 have been the best things that happened in RS ever. C'mon, hate me, haters.

This year, I decided to buy runescape account. I really enjoyed a lot than past two years.

This update puts the design of the screen in your hands. It completely gives you free reign to alter the whole layout to the format that best suits your style of gameplay. I think Jagex must appeal many players to buy runescape account.

Monday, 22 April 2013

the four elements are okay

They aren't as detailed or as interesting as the God robes. For females, the head pieces are the weirdest parts. At least in my opinion.

It's all very subjective, I'm sure they will have their fans.

I would greatly prefer a new pet to be released.  This is why I think it is worthy of buying runescape accounts.I bought the account from a site that is dedicated to selling runescape accounts since 2007.

I'm not terribly interested in the dragonwolf and I own the skypouncer and bloodpouncer. Been waiting for a new pet to check out, I don't want to spend any runecoins on costumes until I bought a new pet, seeing how expensive they are.

Dr. Jekyll random event

I just like to go full man mode and kill him for the lulz .

Dr. Jekyll appeared in Port Sarim for me, and I managed to get to PC bank (barely) with him following me and managed to do this.

If anybody wanted some proof, or images, here it is.

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

General Discussion topics are repetitive

You sit there and give input on how bad the General Discussion topics are repetitive, but there is simply one thing you can do. Get up, turn that thing called your brain on, and create an original discussion. Break away from the norm. We are not stopping you. Nothing is stopping you, except for yourself.

I almost always PM jagex the discussion first to see what they say. On 2 of my topics they were disclosed by Jagex as irrelevant (not the exact words, but it was the gist of it) or that the matter was being taken care of (for all those topics about aspects in runescape which seemed problemed and discuss various answers). 

What GD needs is a kick up the backside. Maybe a wipe, or a few new rules. Since I haven't been active for over a month, I'm in no position to evaluate the standard of moderating, but as far as I can tell, that's not the problem. GD needs to tighten up a little bit, just a little. Filter off the weekly whats your favourite outfit or what if you had a party hat set threads, and encourage people to create some slightly off the wall but relevant and interesting threads; approaching familiar issues from a different angle. As a former GD poster, I found that it's the controversial threads that are often among the most popular. If people had a real reason to post (other than for raising their post count,) they would be more likely to put a bit of effort into them. 

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rare items in Runescape

Do you know what some rare items on runescape are except for armors, weapons, charms and runes?

Below list is for all players to know some rare items, from most rarest to least rarest.

When you need buy runescape account, this list can help you to decide the price.

Chaos talisman
Nature talisman
Cosmic talisman
various Gems
Defense potion (3)
Various Herbs
Adamantite bar
Level 3 Clue Scroll
60 noted pure essence
Half key
Runite bar
100 Noted silver ore
Dragon shield left half
Abyssal demon head

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

HTML 5 Beta starts next week

Good news, Runescape adventures!

HTML 5 Beta starts next week. How excited are you?

Glad someone said it; I don't know what happened to the community; people just too bitchy now lol.

Runescape has the most cry baby community out of all online games i think. i personally love the Eoc and can't wait for HTML5. Why not buy runescape account to join newly HTML5?

The Eoc was an ok update.. i am not going to hate on it.. but the way the game started is what made it to where it is today.. the only thing i can complain about is the faceted they changed the cb lvl appearance and the lvl of wielding rune on the game.. haah

Seth, as my dear sweet Southern mother used to say, some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope.

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Looking forward to news about HTML 5 runescape?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Runescape Community Roundup

It does involve higher costs to maintain servers for two separate versions of RS - we would love to be able to offer old school free of charge, but it's simply not possible at this point in time.

I love Eoc you just need to know how it works... first I didn't like it untill they made the quest the world wakes. I came back to eoc for that quest and now I can’t stop playing.. Just give it a change and if you don’t like it stop complaining and go to 07server. If you like EoC, just buy rs account to play Runescape in P2P world.

Micro transactions bring money in though, its expensive to update a game this big every week or so, and with more money coming in the bigger and more creative the team and the better and more content we get. Think of it this way, Jagex is the only developer i've seen to give constant content updates in the volume and quality they do.

 My question is what happened to there never being microtransactions? Wasn't that one of the big things JaGex always said they would never do as a company? Not trying to start anything, just curious. JaGex has an outrageously large flow of income, I am sure that microtransactions were not needed to be introduced.

Just stop complaining about the EoC if you hate it play 2007, if you like it play the main game. Simple is that. If you want to get full access to Runescape, you can search for where to buy runescape accounts to join Runescape membership.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Do you support for Old School Runescape

Do you like old school Runescape?

where on like 35k players at least everyday all paying members i wonder in eoc how many of the players at your peak times are paying members? yet you support eoc with free servers but not rs07? rs07 has gone off to a good start and i reckon with f2p servers back it would be up there with eoc! and eventualy bring in more paying members for 07.

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well...had jagex let the f2p vote, there was going to be more than enough pep to get to the mark, making the game completely free anyway...once the memberships run out, players that are in just so they could vote are going to feel it as a let down and leave...reducing the players on the 07 server that is free for the pep that might not want to play it...weird loop of mess ups...almost as bad as how world wakes, song of the deep, salt in the wound and ritual of the mahjarrat were made...

Will you guys not evan consider rs07 been free in the near future? im a paying member and think without f2p players been able to join eventualy 07 will go down hill? why dont you guys put a cap on lvls or something on f2p get new people in and hopefuly they will buy membership afterwards?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Why not play A large pile of Dinosaur bones

People saying the game has gone downhill since Cata obviously havent played it lately. Its so much better than Cata in all aspects, tons of things to do, good and quick patches. The game is going UPhill, not downhill.

I'll just be the one to say: I'm never, NEVER, going to spend enough time on the Isle of Giants, killing elite after elite dinosaur mob, to collect 9,999 bones for that mount. NINE THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE DINOSAUR BONES. Meh, I got my Golden/Crimson Primordial Direhorn. I'm good. Maybe I'll loot that Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent from the Sha of Anger eventually.

I got 9999 bones but a Ghost Porcupine 

Looks dumb.. Wow is so boring now, After cataclysm blizzard just ran out of ideas and is just destroying the game.. Plus it's too much money to play for nothing... I want wow to be when wrath was out.. Now that was REAL wow..

Best Mage on Argent Dawn US server LF decent players to duel. (pref Glad/Arena Masters) message me for more info<

Monday, 8 April 2013


For now, in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, Klaus and Caroline (Candice Accola) are officially friends (or something). But although we feel that the writers of the show are willing to turn a couple, to rebuild, in a way, what happened with Damon and Elena.

And precisely the actor Joseph Morgan talked about this topic by explaining how far his character is really in love with the beautiful blonde: 'Klaus is in love with her. When he thought he was going to die, who was called to Caroline. Neither his sister. Neither his brother. This clearly shows his feelings for her current ', says the actor of' The Vampire Diaries'. 'We also had this episode where Caroline was dying (' Into the Wild ') and she said,' I know you're in love with me '.

'Klaus wants to believe that it is, which is capable of loving anyone. Let's see how it goes on, but clearly it is completely motivated by the idea to be your partner ... '.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Runescape account question

How to activate Jagex Account Guardian?

At the bottom of the RuneScape homepage, you can click the Profile & Settings link under the heading ‘Account’. Then follow below steps to activate it.

Log into your account
Go to the Jagex Account Guardian tab
Submit five security questions used to validate future devices
Remember to set up JAG on each of your runescape account for maximum security.

Where can you manage Jagex Account Guardian settings?

At the bottom of the RuneScape homepage, you can click the Profile & Settings link under the heading ‘Account’. 
Log into your account
Go to the Jagex Account Guardian tab
In this menu you can do the following:
• View a list of authorised devices, when they were added, and their duration.
• Delete devices
• Disable JAG

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Schnellere Blog eingebunden warden

Erstens, weil wir Blog vor und wahrscheinlich tun plant. Wie der Name des Blogs, mit Keywords enthalten Bedeutung versuchen, vor allem Substantive, also nicht zu viel persönlich denke, dass nicht mehr als sieben Wörter angemessen. Außerdem, wenn der Name bestimmt wird, ist es am besten, nicht zu gehen, um sich häufig ändern, wie es im Titel-Tag der Seite html-Code erscheint als die maßgeblichsten Beschreibung des Blogs betrachtet werden, wird Baidu Spinne als einzelnen Marken sein, Marken Beschreibung , hätte in Frage gestellt haben, wenn auch dies wird oft geändert. In der Tat, in unserem wirklichen Leben ist es nicht so. Es gibt die verschiedenen Teilbereiche der Blog Arrangements Arrangements, natürlich, können ebenfalls hinzugefügt werden, da die zukünftigen Anforderungen des Abschnitts Name auch verbessern die Benutzerfreundlichkeit und Suchmaschinen.

Blog personalisierte Domain-Namen Blognamen Stichworte Pinyin ist eine gute Wahl, werden die beiden ein Plus in der Erfahrung des Benutzers Erfahrung und Suche Spinnen sein. Die Domain wird bestimmt, nachdem nicht um die Länge der Zeit ändern, ist ebenfalls ein Kriterium, durch die Art und Weise, an die Adresse sein, die den Suchmaschinen, verkürzen Aufnahmezeit.

mehrere Gewichte Portal-Website ein Blog, und langsam Architektur Kettenrad sie haben eine unerwartete Wirkung, die das Ranking zu verbessern.

Bowen natürlich dem Original als auch. Ein neuer Blog hat bereits eine Krise des Vertrauens ist noch schlimmer, wenn der Inhalt nicht machen einen guten Job. Kann den Artikel von der Blog-Homepage-Adresse in das Baidu die Webmaster-Plattform unter den Webmaster-Tools innerhalb der URL-Kanal einzureichen bis schriftlichen einzureichen, kann er schneller sein enthalten. Die vorgeschlagene pre Bowen innen am besten nicht mit externen Links sowie, sonst anfällig für die Ressentiments der Suche Spinnen, wie nach einer Zeit, eine bestimmte Menge des Inhalts und auch eine Sammlung von langsam tun außerhalb der Kette beginnen, aber ein Der Artikel sollte nicht zu viel sein, zwei besser.