Thursday, 24 January 2013

Runescape power leveling introduction

Runescape Power Leveling is that someone continuously trains and gets a load of levels in your cheap runescape accounts.

I will give you some training tips. The best place to train is the Stronghold of Security. Located right in the middle of Barbarian Village. There is a hole in the ground around where people are always mining.

Remember that you should kill it quickly for more experience points. The reason that with fast kills you can double and triple the experience in the time it takes to kill the higher level. Goblins are perfect for this. They are dead in about two to three hits and then you can be on to the next one.

Carry around some Tuna, and it might save your life. If you are power leveling, you are most likely going to need food. Tuna will be the best choice. If you want to get your runescape account trained, farmer100 is a good choice for you.

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