Thursday, 15 October 2015

Final Fantasy update

And the fact that ex primals are totally phased out by alex normal/esoterics is so damn sad. Wah wah wah I want to bitch and complain about something. Damn you SE for something, anything, just let me complain! I hate this game so much SE why do you twist my arm so much and FORCE me to play it! Seriously dude, don't like what they release don't pay/play Buy GW2 Gold . They have always released the 24 man raids after the main raids to allow those who don't/can't do the higher tear raiding a chance to get some decent gear too. But I suppose with you clearing AS4 for the past month you think only the privileged few who Cheap GW2 Gold raid and clear end game content should be allowed to enjoy the game right?

 Sorry we cant be extreme nerds like you some of us have jobs and families to take care of and cant devote all our time to clearing alex savage or farming esoterics. Calm down and just accept the new content for what it is. It looks amazing and will be bringing alot of changes so just accept it for what it is. I highly doubt you've cleared AS4. Plus every Final Fantasy update has followed this path. Quit now so I can hear one less person bitching about an amazing patch. When did clearing optional content become a metric of anything worthwhile? Congrats on clearing A4S, however, that doesn't make your opinion anymore worthwhile.
Lastly, great fallacy you've got going there, Kyle. "They've always done it like this so why change it" has been shown to be wrong in various points through history. Don't be afraid of change, son. Sometimes it's a great thing.

In the case of FF14 patches, yes, it's always been like this. However, it's not optimal anymore. What we got with 3.0: Most classes get useless skills, two dungeons with crap gear, delayed Esoterics, delayed Alex floors. yeah highly disappointed with the expansion, i thought they said there would be alot of to do when they were selling it. but its just like a big patch. and the game is a bit slow atm. they need to bring things into the game to keep us busy and interested. is there going to be new gathering anything? I hope they delete or remove the players finding "pf" as a mandatory to finish Alexander savage so I can find good players without transferring to another server.

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