Thursday, 26 March 2015

get the relic item without missing anything in FFXIV

Now I can actually complete the mission and the game and hopefully get the relic item without missing anything. Thank you for the positive, helpful reply.

in every mmo there is spoiled apples in a basket but if you see in it there are more good ones than bad ones just trow the bad away, so if you get to play whit jerks just leave can do other fun stuff waiting for cheap FFXIV Gil and a good team may take some time but it be worth it maybe even someone from your own server that you can play with again, can play some triple triad or some crafting, gathering, fishing, collect minions while waiting, this game have been out for some time now but is still a new game since it did become version 2.0 so they are still working to make it better, so turn that frown to a smile and let your adventure in erozea begin.

I'm not trying to sound snide or rude (the glory of only having text), you really should invest in a keyboard if you're on PS4. Trust me, it'll save you a lot of headache, especially when in dungeons. Most players greatly appreciate it when a new person lets the party know they're new. Most of us vets have no issues taking a new person through, explaining mechanics, as long as we know to do buy cheap FFXIV Gil so.   If getting one is out of the question right now, others have suggested making a macro to say in party chat that you're new.

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