Monday, 30 March 2015

They cant have people who just start playing go threw the whole process no one will do it..  thats the point tho megan, it's unfair to those of us who DID put blood sweat and tears into the relic if someone new/newish to relic just hops along and gets what we worked months upon months for in a few weeks.

But thats how exspansions work.. all the great gear u worked for becomes useless by lvl 55.  I got my relic in like five days ... Months upon months? Wtf are u on. To buy FFXIV Gil and get best stats it costs cheap FFXIV Gil over 10mil to make on my server.. most ppl dont have that kinda gil lol. Very new ps4 player here, since I've started playing ff realm reborn I've barely touched my other games. I'm a very grateful fan, excited about what's coming next  I hope I see most of what's already released before the expansion.

Question about Heavensward purchase (digital download): It says that it does not include "trial" days, does that mean there is no "free" 30 days included with it unless we purchased the package that includes the base game? That's kind of weird seeing as the current FFXIV CE is 49.99$ and Heavensward CE is also around the same price. The current CE has 30 days included, but Heavensward doesn't buy cheap FFXIV Gil?

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