Monday, 11 January 2016

you won't be able to play the NA/EU version

They never promissed anything. They said they would like this feature to be added it wasn't guaranteed. They never say that "it wasn't guaranteed" six months ago when i ask for it. I doubt they will give the foreign voices seeing as they changed a lot of lore and story. The voice and text wouldn't match up. Oh nice to know,i think im gonna kill my ears if i hear another "have enoght!" by a pirate guard.

i currently have the russian version, will i still be able to play it once i download the update? No, uninstall client and download new client and install. If you played the so called Russian sever, it was a private server Blade and Soul Gold .If you are from the CIS region you won't be able to play the NA/EU version as there is an IP block. You will have to wait for the offical Russian version.

Yeah the Russian server isn't official. So when Russia gets a server. You will have to restart. However there is no ip block according to there Twitter post.  I would say PC is better for blade and soul if you wanna run medium / high setting with a better graphic card. Some laptops cant play that high and only on low setting with potatoe graphics lol. Question, are we going to get back those xmas costume? :,(( (even thought xmas is over) Guys While Download , Can I Pause and Continue Buy Blade and Soul Gold ?? reply me please anyone has tried already , updating is 8.4 , isn't it ?

January 15th for founders everyone else gets to play on January 19th. Obviously people can't understand English, this is a lunch guide. so does this mean jan 19 will be a english patch now? Your question makes no sense. The game goes live in North America and in Europe January 19 2016. It will be in English while the EU version has Italian, German and French.

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