Monday, 1 February 2016

5 straight mbps internet speed

Hello i need help, suddenly i cant log in at all.. it says "Your login information is incorrect. Please try again", and i cant submit ticket because need to log in to submit ticket.. to begin with i cant even log into the website.. and i tried to reset password from the web, but no confirmation email is received...

why this happen when i just added 8k Ncoin frown emoticon Buy Blade and Soul Gold A PM would greatly appreciated,Cheap Blade & Soul Gold thanks.. Any info on the chat bug? In other game we used to delete the chat file inside the main folder of the game and then repair the client then it was fixed. I cant understand.. Maybe BnS is the best mmo in general for so many years, why the chat belongs to a dead end game? Everywhere spammers and bots gold sellers.. We cant even communicate anymore.. I still block and report but nothing happens. We have 50 player limit to block and they are thousands.

Again disconnected from the server lag on lag... i'm talking about angel's watch server. So pissed off. Everytime you do maintenance a lot of other bugs come out magically. I'm dc'ing when in open world and people are pvp'ing next to me. Crashed multiples times and that was the only commonality. This is a new thing that started happening. Also send report is failing when I crash.

Are you running as quick as possible when you hear pvp action going on next to you so you don't I am? Been gettin Disconnected from server 1000,2000 or 3000. I mean wth? Ive turned off my av, allowed the game in firewall, run the repair, flushed the dns, 5 straight mbps internet speed and these errors keeps popping up?! Come on NC, I've waited for this game long enough (even have high expectations.

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