Tuesday, 16 February 2016

I'm running Blade & Soul

Just bad optimization. I run it on 121fps most of the times. but some areas drop to 48fps. i get 120 fps. scales down to 40 on bosses with alot of skill animations and players. Running the game on highest quality. You cannot see more than 60 FPS on a 60Hz monitor no matter what, since the monitor itself will always show exactly 60 FPS. Blade & Soul Gold And another thing u sure that motherboard works good with other parts?

What? This game is optimized better than so many MMOs, I'm running it just fine at the highest graphics with no issues.  I also have been having issues... profane jiangshi I typically lag out till the fight is done, then suddenly catch up and get no credit for killing him. In the 24 man E. Fleet Supply Chain I lag badly on Poharan's fight...

 which causes death usually. Yes, I turn off other players, my settings are not on high either, and my computer has Buy Blade and Soul Gold handled every other MMO I have thrown at it (including GW2 and aaaalllllll those particle effects). I dont really get it. My comp also takes an age on EVERY loading screen... my husband who sits 5 ft away is always loaded in faster than me.

I'm running amd phenom II quad core 3.5ghz, gt 460 2gig, 8gig crucial vengeance ram and run the game just fine. Stopped and went back to Tera. Just can't seem to like the soft tab-targeting. And PvE is also a huge lackluster. Also no healer or not even an archer. Might be fun for lots of other people, but it just isn't something for me. I like to be a healer/support in all games, but I can't in here (and with support.

I don't mean a midget with a cat fetish). It just doesn't feel right, I just like to be the one in control of a bunch of noobies knowing that I was the one that could even cure stupidity in the worse party ever XD Also like archer or a devastating sorcerer with powerful spells. B&S has neither (don't like the stacking type of sorcs). And more of a PvE guy (though pvp can be fun, just like PvE too much).

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