Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Blade and Soul winner outfit

Chloe Roth Exactly how I reacted too. It's sad for those who really tried to make something new and original. The time spent somehow felt wasted after seeing the winner outfit. Emma Walker xDD. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Is that suppose to be me? lel

Emma Walker basicly the only sane person here..... As a design major i'd say taking inspiration in a fucking mask is not a crime and for me looking at all the details to the rest of the outfits i barely Care about the mask looking simuler ti another mask seriously.

It's not just the mask, the jin outfit, and the hair have problem. the hair is straight out traced! Blade and Soul Gold If its inspiration then the person should make more changes. here the changes are so little most people can see it as copy. then again if the person have to get inspirations from another artist/s design and yet still make it look similar. It just show the person have no creativity, which makes their design not original. An outfit that lacks originality in theme and design, furthermore traced hair doesn't deserve to have winning spot.

 I didn't even enter the contest. the hair is straight out copy and this shoe accessory as well.call me overreacting or someone who don't know how to lose all you want. All I care is to bring this to just.

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