Tuesday, 30 August 2016

how to get soulstone or moonstone in Blade & Soul

So far i get nothing good from event boxes. No soulstone or moonstone yet. hmm idk. Ill stay to plays til my three month paid is over. Then ill moving on. Whirlwind is not that fun when you in group that can't beat those out gears. I have half month to go with my three month discount. RIP Bland & Soul.It's very hard for us to earn Buy Blade and Soul Gold for upgrades can you please fix asap.

I stopped playing for a month only to come back and realise your Daily Dash isnt even working. Stop your stupid events and fix your damn bloody game! daily dash was put on hold for the trove event intentionally... they told us that when trove was first announced. Hi, how I can get a Gem Hammer? there are Lv25 guys with 3 sockets unlocked. I'm level 42 and I still have 1.

You can get them from the market (F5) or cash shop(F10) Gold :/? I have only received copper and silver. Time to burn $5. Blade and Soul Gold Worth coming back ? i don't play since azura's update. Still grindy but less with the new weapon path and this event can give you the AP citrine so you should. not worth revelation way much better cbt in oct. How can i play your games disconnected and well im hitting lvl 20 again using summoner.

How i wish i could sell my master pack account... i am not able to enjoy a game with 10-20fps... Its cool how this gives you stuff to improve your gear, but if your gear isnt good you cant go in( i mean, ill go on with my shitty gear with or without this event) get kicked all day everyday in lobby parties even with 600+ ap.

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