Monday, 23 January 2017

YoshiP give us Spider Man

 The sub is justified as the content really does keep coming and keep the game interesting. It's not even $15 a $12.99 people. Ffxi used to charge an extra dollar a month for every extra character you for most people with only 1 character it was only $12.99, Will it be available on Amazon? Dont tell me samurai class confirm x) I'd pay 100€ if that meant they gonna add Samurai IS THAT 3 years are waiting for him lol.  We are very excited to announce that we will be a hosting a PvP tournament Cheap FFXIV Gil at the European Fan Festival in February! If you have a ticket to the Fan Festival in Frankfurt and want to show off your skills (and win fabulous prizes) now is the time to gather your team and register! Find out more:

osh Wickenden, you or any of the mates interested? I got heals and Marco can tank if you can bring the DEEPs. Yeah dude im down for that ?? Alex Ander or Tom Pozzetti either of you fancy 2nd dps? Blm all the way. If i remember the rotations!! Awesome! Marco didn't respond yet but I he is going with his FC, so he might have a team already. We'll work out the details later and register, Buy FFXIV Gil hopefully we'll get picked.Sweet. Well if Marco has a team then either tom or i can tank an the other dps. Yeah be good just to take part,

 I will cheer peeps on from the sidelines, my pvp skills are somewhat sloppy. Stina Andersson, this should we gone on! Next time we'll book a trip. What fun to go on such a thing. awesome, wish it were just a little closer to where I live, but at least gamescom will be happening soon again. No talking allowed during it though .
 Yes it is. They found the files for samurai data mining the most recent patch.

 Mike Gainsborough Considering thats what they said when they Data mine the Blue mage and still no Blue Mage.... Dont freaking bother with Data miners. Its just sample code. It doesnt necessarily mean that its the next class to be out They could data mine a lot of things in ff14 that are not actually in the game and a lot of that will come from the scrapped 1.0 version. As ff14 arr was built from the same data as 1.0, Didn't YoshiP give us Spider Man as a hint though Spider-Man possible hint for Beast master?! Just a thought!

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