Tuesday, 7 February 2017

FF11 & FF14 were called FF Online 1 & 2 instead

Well I guess 10 was the first step, taking out exploration in favor of a world map where you just choose a location. But the battle system was great with lots of strategy, so it was a good enough game. 12 was the first step to the "everybody runs around fighting on their own" crap of today. I hate that 10 took some elemental attacks away too. Cheap FFXIV Gil Christopher Wagner Bastok is pronounced "Bastuke" in the intro movie, so it's the players' own faults for skipping over that. have you played 11, 14 or 15? Do you like them? Not being annoying or anything but 12 was developed before 11 so without the "no random encounters (which I don't mind even though it was annoying as hell)" system none of these would have happened.

 I liked the strategy of the battle system in 10 though. Seeing all the upcoming turns and planning your actions around how far you moved back after an action and what order you wanted certain attacks in. Was enough for me to overlook the lack of a real explorable world map, and I love exploration. And side quests. Andrew Sanchez you're right, I forgot ^^;. Buy FFXIV Gil Good call. Jessica Austin 14 is an MMO like 11, so it shares no similarity with 13, well except the glorious graphics which was one of the only redeeming factors of the blunder that was 13.

I haven't played 15 since it just came out recently and I skipped 14 because 13 was so awful. 13 shouldn't be allowed to call itself a final fantasy game. I grew up in the glory days of FF6, Chrono Trigger, etc. When you controlled all the strategy for your battles and had huge open maps to explore. The linearity and automation of 13 really put me off the series. Which is sad because I'd loved it since I was a kid. I'm doing play throughs of FF6, CT, and Secret of Mana on my phone right now actually.  I really wish 11 & 14 were called FF Online 1 & 2 instead. With that said, I enjoyed 14 for the short period I got to play. Good stuff for an MMO. Just because you didn't like them doesn't make them "crap".

 Jessica Austin if you like FF6 you will love 14, the game's story pays a lot homage to FF6 from megitek armor to Doma to the empire and the warring triad... all that is missing at this point is "The Returners" and The "Cult of Kefka" which you never know what Yoshi has planned. Give it a try. In the beginning when I first started getting into the whole FF thing, I kept mixing behemoth and bahamut. Darren Cooke, does when it's FF13. Got the majority vote on that one. Lol!

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