Sunday, 9 April 2017


I know this is an April fool's joke but still I would kill for this game. why not a REAL tactics game on the eorzea universe?? why do you play with our hearts FINAL FANTASY XIV team?? You done messed up and now you have to make this or I will light dog poo on fire in front of your offices.I hope I'm not the only one who wishes this were actually a thing. No LIE please tell me there is actually a full track to that music bit? I NEED IT. Are you serious, I'm upset now lol. I'd KILL to play another tactics, this is beyond cool. This is what you should be making! Old school tactics games!  oh dear another one of those terrible jokes of this stupidly annoyingly terrible day. FFXIV Gil  don't care, I just want the full 16 bit version of Rise please. Just that song. Please.

 Haha love the comments. People want your joke game more than anything you've made for the past 10 years. Oh poor Squeenix, when will you learn? I know it's a joke but I really do want a single player retro remake of 14. You taunt me with this and don't give me a tactics game LOL. Re-release the first tactics with an auto save function and I'll be good to go. Not funny. This would've been really interesting. I absolutely loved the tactics games, and this would've been great..  Jokes on you. Cheap FFXIV Gil If you actually made the stuff you're teasing, you'd be making a whole lot more money. The comments on this should make SE feel bad... Lol.

 I'm still waiting for the chocobo taxi service in my area!! Greatest thing about the internet is that some of us get to endure these terrible jokes for 2 days, Man, I'd kill for another Tactics. The Tactics Advance games just didn't satisfy. Alexander raid in Tactics style would be so dope tho!! RISE in 8-bit sound is dooppee!! Please make a new tactics game they are amazing. You bastards, I actually want this. Those Tactics sprites got my pants tight. Omg, I love the homage to the Tactics Ogre knights of Lodis game. They even recycled the sprites and backgrounds from it.

Oh my god even if it's a joke, the throw back to Tactics Ogre. Be still, my heart. the music is more enjoyable in this version than in the regular game though lol. strangely i would play that then the actual alexender i not says is a bad raid but your biggest mistake FINAL FANTASY XIV you not added it in the story like the coil and not have enought diversity only machine and gobelin. But i hope you learn from your mistake in the new high-end raid omega weapon. It's sad this is an April fools joke... I would have literally purchased this... it almost breaks my heart... i get that its aprils fool, but i really love the retro design.

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