Tuesday, 28 March 2017

FFXIV Original Soundtrack

The FAR EDGE of FATE: FFXIV Original Soundtrack is available for pre-order! First-run copies include a Wind-up Nidhogg minion!   How about you guys quit locking minions behind imported music albums in a physical format! I'd rather have a digital copy on iTunes, and also, get the minion whenever I want instead of "first run copies." FFXIV Gil Your corporate greed is running rampant and poisoning your MMO. Ill just wait and get it on itunes for like 1/4 the price. If it was a CD with the minion I would pay for it (as well as not at this price) for I can play it in my car as well but just a blue ray... Its not worth it. Also only thing i would be able to listen to this on is my play attacked to my TV. Its one of the few things I dont have built into my PC, and my older MAC does not have one.

On a Side Note: I am SICK of Japanese companies locking EVERYTHING to their country! Pokemon Events, MMO exclusives, etc etc etc you get the idea. Why don't you guys quit being so god damn greedy with anime/games/manga and their related events!!! You want to expand and reach the Western Audiences to expand your profit yet you cut us out of all the good stuff from products to events. If you guys REALLY want to profit and expand, MAKE YOUR STUFF GLOBAL QUIT GIVING YOUR OWN KIND EXCLUSIVE STUFF BESIDES RELEVANT THINGS TO YOUR COUNTRY! I haven't seen it poison the mmo. Plus a lot of it is business marketing.

I dont personally mind the micros and locking of items, cuz if you have the money to burn awesome burn it. but soon items will help in game, and that could be an issue. But really...id give anything to buy the full album on itunes as an album........the partial album is bullshit. It's poison because they want us to pay $50+ for a music album and are only giving first copies the minion. If they want to profit, they should make it ALL copies and include it with the digital copies too (and make digital copies more readily available!) It's basically saying "You get a minion if you pay 3x the necessary cost for this music album but you gotta buy it like RIGHT NOW." Buy FFXIV Gil Seriously a music album should NOT cost the same as a full price expansion...

It is poison I agree they are greedy Who cares about minions you won't even use for more than 3 days? It's almost like... it's a business? Wow, could you imagine that? Video games being created and run by developers with a financial agenda. Can't believe this. AND they're giving people the option to spend the money for this product, instead of forcing them to buy it. Somebody stop the madness... They have gotten pretty greedy lately.

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