Thursday, 28 March 2013

Write good blogs included by Search Engineer

Make Blog interesting.

You pay more attention to each other's blogs. In many cases, you link the blog has been fixed, the more active followers. This means that you have to spend some thought let bloggers noticed you, and the easiest is to join their circle, to leave intriguing profound comment in their article, and express appreciation for their articles and share articles, their blog on your blog link. Finally, to show them sincerity of your links: write an article on the log and active link to the article. Your network link achievements you will destroy you. And low-taste people links, you will ruin the reputation of their own blog, wasting precious time. And depth link will spur you forward. The fact is that simple, I assure you. If you really like writing and sustained effort, you will pay off. I used to sell runescape accounts on online website, the most external links are from blogs. I usually write some articles about how to write good articles to buy cheap runescape accounts.

To develop friendly relations and other blog

With this method, I could succeed making my blogs included by search engineer fast. There are some good blogs sharing here such as

Successful social media marketing, or call it brand promotion or self-promotion, are two-way street, requires reciprocity. First total pay will return. Just getting Bo, the first thing to do is to develop a friend, and thenthe follower then reached the the promotion blog's purpose. This may take a few weeks or even the time of the last month, but that's okay, it's normal. Like real life, online friends also need to make friends, development before will become friends. Just because you use Twitter or FriendFeed tracking someone else's blog update, you will not immediately become friends. This is just the first step, but this is a good start.

In addition, understanding the visitors more information (such as where they come from and the browser is also important what you made comments). Google analytics package can be used to analyze the traffic information. Here I want to say two things: To have tracking search engine traffic with keywords capacity, and the ability to find a link to your blog readers. Remember to establish links between and the link of your blog readers. You can also carefully analyze, track and adjust the SEO marketing plan. The key here is that you want to be able to directly access the url backlinks. You can also use the MyBlogLog this widget to build community on the blog. Of course, it also has other effects, namely tracking to make you divisions Visitors url (and how to arrive), they browse what. In short, as far as possible familiar with the traffic situation in mind, and to actively try new technology means.

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