Wednesday, 1 April 2015

open beta part 2 releases for DFO

Well technically, the CEO kinda lost all of them to CP thus resulting in us getting stuff lol like a new character and more Cera for us. Why was there no April fools event?
DFO Gold
Delete all your chars. Say it was a glitch, there ya go. Not to complain, but I am going to be so depressed April 13th! cannot update the game for some reason. felt so sad..the download speed keep saying "Analyzing" forever. Just part 1 of the open Beta. And depending on how well Part 1 went, Part 2 will be here within a few days after the end of Part 1. open beta part 2 releases after april 13th to buy DFO Gold. You should read their facebook page more often...Then after that presumably goes straight into full release like it did for the original DFO

Are we going to keep our characters? You guys are my heroes, thank you for everything !

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