Thursday, 14 May 2015

challenges in Heavensward

Fight or flight? Which primal are you looking forward to challenging the most in Heavensward?

Neither because all the groups will either try to speed run it buy FFXIV Gil, kick people with 1 death or will give up because half the group thinks they can skip game mechanics and the other half doesn't have split second reaction times. (T^T)
Playing on JP servers, they are pretty friendly. FFXIV gil They also let me watch the cutscenes. I basically just watch cutscenes cheap FFXIV Gil the whole dungeon without even doing one further step. At least for the first time I do the stories.
Being in a good FC solves this problem. I also find that Japanese servers are generally friendlier then American servers. I've played on both but stick to the JP servers, better latency for us Aussies.

That's probably the smaller servers you're talking about, excalibur isn't like that at all. Alot of people keep transferring to excalibur, high player base
The only real problem I seem to find on the Phoenix server is lack of people to do dungeons, primals, trials. buy FFXIV gil I have taken a long break from doing extreme primals as if you have not done it before or have" Exp" you just get kicked immediately, and I enjoy going into these things without watching a video or reading a guide but if you don't then that is another automatic kick.
To answer the question though, Ravana. Looks interesting.

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