Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I'd just like the DFO AH

I'd just like the AH to be fixed since I've had several guild members say they're going to quit until the AH gets fixed, and if it didn't get DFO Gold , they wouldn't continue to play. I don't mind not having an AH (since I grew up on Diablo 2) but it sucks that it's turning away certain players.

CAPTCHAs really are useless. Just Google "image to text converter" - the technology exists, it's improving, and it's freely accessible. "Are you a bot?" questions are also useless since the bot can just be programmed to say "no", math questions are useless since bots can easily use calculators.

For something along these lines, the most effective thing is a question that can't be Googled (because bots can actually Google answers). For example, something like "What is Lee's job?" If you Google that, you'd never find a result about DFO since it's too vague. Unfortunately, once they find the answer, they could just program the bot to buy DFO Gold know the answer.

I have this idea if anything. Posted it a couple of times but yeah... Implement back Goblin pad. However, instead of you providing a password the password is randomly generated and will be sent to your email. Once in the email and you have said code DFOG will respond ingame with the code via email and then you implement it yourself for you to have access to your account.

This can be added on to if anything.

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