Monday, 4 May 2015

the original DFO

Can we please have kaleido boxes in the milageshop? I've been really appreciate the events and surprises you guys has put up for us! Two problems. One, sill having issues with connection. Second, when will we have controller support? Or do we need to download third party software to use our controllers?

Hey awesome game, need to do something about gold spammers though my block list is full.
"The community itself is very lively, active and passionate about the game they’re playing, so newcomers should feel welcome as there’s tons of friendly players that are willing to group up or invite others into their guild. Thanks to Neople’s strong support and buy DFO Gold watchful developer eyes, toxic players and gold farmers are surprisingly few and far between (at least when compared to the original DFO when it was hosted by Nexon America, anyway…) "

Haha! darn skippy they are few and far between and they can stay out! I still don't mind the fatigue system, which (though it wasn't mentioned) has actually been improved with the ability to carry over unused DFO Gold points for double exp the next day. It makes leveling alt characters so much less of a hassle than it used to be.

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