Wednesday, 11 November 2015

fifa 16 gameplay style

fix refeeres, only see the player fault, not the IA faults. That's me just signed a 40 million player on a pre contract... Guess who's not turned up at the start of the season...  I like how suddenly the defender became retarded so the other player can score a goal.... oh by the way kids, don't forget to pay money so you can win buy Aion Kinah you matches against others who can't afford to pay for coins!!!!! you bunch of Muppets! please please can u check my acconte i always sold players and i get less money then i sold ? now i sale ronaldo with 5500000 and i get 300k less its always like this .. maybe i have to pay tax no !

Thank you !! It's the North London Derby! Does Mesut Özil or Christian Eriksen make a bigger impact? The colour percentage bars are all over the show. How is eriksen's 25 chances created have a bigger bar than Ozils 47? And ozil has less sprints per 90 mins yet the bar Aion Gold is over half way... The percentage bars are backwards .

 It's EA, did you expect something to go right? Ozil apparently ran 57.3 kilometers on average in 90 minutes ... That is more than 38 kilometers an hour .... Faster than usain bolt tongue emoticon. The server probably crashed half way through them making it lol. Must have had it set on 30 mins a half and changed the player settings to 100 pace.  It's like how in real life you take 8 shots but get to half time and ea thinks you haven't had any on the shots.

 Stats aren't even accurate. Ea give the wrong stats for their own matches lol they can't count shots or chances created in their own games never mind real ones. On Average, Christian created more chances as he played less time than mesut smile emoticon stats are right!  Daniel Butler Then, why is it not backward for the assists ?  maybe its relative on the minutes played? which still makes zero sense for why the average sprints in 90 mins is so high..

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