Friday, 6 November 2015

the male version of that armor

That kind of Monk armor looks awkward on males to me for some reason. AGREED!!! i wish they start making male/female version of gears... i hate wearing woman clothing as a male player Cheap FFXIV Gil ... I mean if you like showing off your abs, more power to you but it just looks better on females by default.  You realize it's based on armor worn by Yang Fang Leiden in FF4 right? Who also happens to be a male? It is, quite literally, the male version of that armor. Sorry bruv, I only started playing FF at number 8. Also, Then if that's the case, it's fine. My opinion is it's not really my cup of tea on males. You should see if on Lala males, its a belly shirt. almost like someone ripped the bottom half off so we can show off our belly buttons.

 Ir doesn't matter who wore that in any FF title, still makes you look like a clown. I wonder what ilvl the Singularity Reactor Ex stuff will be? I'm kinda hoping for 210, but then again, that's the upgraded SavageXander gear and the Gordians weps, so I reckon it'll probs be just 200, or maybe 205.So long as it keeps one away from HAVING(see 2.0) to touch the relic grind with a 10 foot pole, I'll happily do it.

Kristian Koivisto It's only i190 to get in, the weapons it drops are supposed to help people with Savage Alex progression, so it's probably i205 weapons. Jason Stapleton Meh, waste of time if it's gonna be the same crap Ravana gives you. And us casters. Wheres our gear preview. ((This gear sumwhat looks like Urths fount drop)) Lots of people saying Buy FFXIV Gil "looks the same". Yes, KOTR is giving new weapons, not armor. The armor looks the same because it is the same, it's esoteric gear. ;c Ugly stuff since a lot of patches.. Do what you do best SE: recycle the designer for a fresh one, and put the old into PR.   I've been away a good while. At least a two years I think.  It's easy to level up in this game..

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