Tuesday, 24 November 2015

make a SEA server in reddit forums Blade and Soul

Amazing that day I have my birthday would be amazing gift...I will like every idiot already answered questions. Lest the mayhem start. Does anyone know if the Blade & Soul will have marriage system, it will be able to swim or something? I just saw this I'm so exited i been waiting so long for this game Blade and Soul Gold ...  If we've made an NCSOFT account for the closed beta, will that information be wiped too? Or will it be kept so we can use that to create a character when the game is released in January 2016?

Will u open silvermountain when open beta launches?or just stay in lv 45 max cap. Hello i saw one petition about make a SEA server in reddit forums that ncsoft told them if they get enought sings maybe they will make a server form them , i wanted to know if we can do the same here in South America make a petition form and get sings for get a server here in brazil like others game did. Sorry if this isnt the right place to ask this but i didnt know where else i can ask. Thanks for all. There is a few days left still to get an invite or beta key giveaway, keep your eyes open smile emoticon Next cbt starts on Tuesday. Admin, may i ask what time zone exactly did the NA server use..is it EST time zone -5 or PST time zone -8..as for me i need to sync it with my time zone soo i can tell what is the exact time to play with my friend smile emoticon thx in advance for the answer.

Keep spreading and support,Blade and Soul Buy Gold sea and oceanic players! NCsoft ,the demand is there!  I would sign if it didnt ask for email and address.. well...because it will be best if signer is actually from sea/oceanic area Please fix the Windows 10 lag upset emoticon my friends cant play. And please give us a 64 bit client. Pleasee~ I play on windows 10 and haven't experienced a bit of lag. Maybe it has to do with what area you're in also.  It's FPS and its a common issue among many players. (reported on various forums.

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