Wednesday, 16 December 2015

want more than 2 new FFXIV dungeons

Oh god here we go!! I'm nut riding because I don't agree with your thoughts and relate to his huh?? I can't have my own opinion like you do? Sorry that you leave gaps in your rebuttals like a 7 year old who just lost his two front teeth. Don't go jumpin my case for your failures. You've got a whole different war to fight today. FFXIV Gils Good luck pumpkin!! Bman Smith You're entitled to your own opinion. I never said you weren't. But its ironic the way you've come at me is exactly the thing Sean is accusing me of.

I own 3 210 diadem parts, none are in my main. I actually do hunts, do my dailies and am in a static. I barely did my dailies last week because i've been farming Thordan. Please go ahead and make more assumptions though.

Pretty much most of your points are "I know how things should be fixed because I feel things are wrong with this game." Finding errors on a user front is pretty much finding bugs. What you've brought up are simply preference changes. You want more than 2 new dungeons for daily ex roulette, you want to que with a chocobo out, you feel story content is lacking Blade & Soul Gold , you're complaining about relic grind. You you you. That's all its about.

Oh, and I clearly am the first and only person who has ever wanted to queue with their chocobo out. There aren't any large topics about this on Reddit or on the official forums. Nope. None at all. It's only about me. I'm the only person who wants this and demand that it be fixed only for me, right? Right now, she's just too stubborn to know that she's really only speaking nonsense right now. It's okay. Bless her i209 heart. Naw you're part of the player base that whines. Ungrateful for what's been given to them to enjoy and because they aren't happy, it has to be an "error".

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