Wednesday, 9 March 2016

i already created a character at taywong

The only problem Blade and Soul has is the steady trickling of whiners commenting on anything they post! I am the only one who think the monsters are same for all zones :D:D:D fuckin wolfs and frogs lol also zones are same too .  This game is very time consuming if you want to be good. Dailies take a long time to do, Blade & Soul Gold if you're just an average player just doing dailies to farm money you'll roughly get 15G+ a day, the problem is that once you past Profane it cost up to 130G which I'm currently grinding for to get True Pirate. Not to mention the books needed for BM which is 550G... Either way this game is addicting and I haven't dropped it since, pvp is currently unbalanced there's a reason why bot uses Destroyers. Let not forget about Summoner and the bad targeting system to go with it. You either play this game as a job and get good or you play it to have fun.

But i already created a character at taywong. My friends were on that server too. Is taywong has a lot of players too? Who are willing to pay premium + store items, we have the same "issue" in latin america they want a closer server but they aren't willing to PAY the game through premium or store xD . So Atm I guess is a big NO for both cases. You don't, but we do! Don't speak for all of us!

The reason I wanted to Buy Blade and Soul Gold play B&S was because of the warlock and so far LOVING it to point that I make 2 jins (Male+Female) they look AMAZING. The real achievement I had was getting Infinite Challenge in only 3 days since WL release. Was lvl 40 at the time. Roy Masters: I was never trying to be the fastest lol Filipe Paraiba I have no life. And I barely slept. Thats how. Stop posting crap and tell us when and if you are going to fix the bot spamm class unbalace over priced npc items fps and latecy lagg removal off crapguard and so on so far i only see that your sticking your heads in the sand and pretend everything is great well short i can tell you that bots and hackers run the game and maybe you shoul just hand over the physical servers to them and find another business since as game publisher your useless NCSoft West.

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