Friday, 18 March 2016

Blade and Soul Destroyers play

Looking forward to the stream. And if you have time to 1v1 me Buy Blade and Soul Gold Jonathan! We will wager your shoes! Paun Toni Andrei Me and Jonathan play the elite master race! Destroyers!  banned the bot.. botting very disturbing other players.

 I did sent them bot and macro samples i gather from scouting web hack ,etc. my point is to help them to handle that fucking bots, i suggesting the old trik on ro 1, which is a captcha engine right before we enter dungeon portal and / or arena, but i didnt even get a single letter of response, not even encouragement. thats how i realize this game is just another sail and sink mmorpg type thing. So basically ruin it like every other Korean game that has come to the west by making it easy and handing everything to you. Good job.

1. What's wrong with Koreans?

2. People doing MT are in US, they will do it in their time not EU.

Really people who upvoted you, should be ashamed.
Games like moba's or fighters are balanced in the same way Blade and Soul Gold all around the globe, but this game should be different. U guys really have brain problems. Caz ShinoBu Lemon lol I will tell your mother and she will take away your goodboy points. keep posting mean messages and you will be banished from the basement as well!
To many gold spammers can't use any chat what so ever the ban list doesn't help ... Feels to much like a Korean Grind love fest , Hell ya didn't even bother to add healing skills ... Haven't logged in wasted my 75 bucks in pre order. Here is an idea.. how about supporting the thousands of players in Australia dn NZ with Local Realms? i have uninstalled the game because its unplayable with a 300+ ping.

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