Friday, 29 April 2016

Blade and Soul characters

Members of my clan either cant open the game vecause of game guard or left beause it's not active anymore. Updates can wait. Stopping botters and hackers can even wait. Fix the stability of the game. Its 2016, why is this still an issue? Roxy Revolver It's kinda true sadly lol, the games optimization is poor because they update it to much.  Blade and Soul Gold Hunter Dietzel optimazation is poor because it runs on dx9 not cuz they update it so much lmaoo.

It is fucking unreal tournament 3 game engine a lot of new computers can't even work on it well, my 2011 laptop is smooth at 50fps tho. the game is unenjoyable though, so the new content isn't worth playing.  It's funny how on other games that update like three times a year, people complain how "theres nothing to do" but as soon as the updates come in every 1 or 2 months, people complain that "its too fast". Make up your minds lol. Because the game isn't/ wasn't made in 2016. It's from 2009.

And what about the bots? When I lvl my characters i see a bunch of them walking together and they are always on the same places, just a few GMs online would be enough.  Tonyy Trann the problem is what they do with the market and gold sellers get their gold from bots. buy Blade and Soul Gold does she even has a dick though?

Am I the only one getting annoyed with all these "I had to quit BnS" comments. Like absolutely NO ONE CARES about you leaving the game. Just leave the game. Unlike the page for that matter. Why are you wasting your time? The freaking weapon and item upgrade system after level 40 makes no sense. Even if you did all quests you wouldn't have enough to buy MTS anyways. Yeah. It's insane the amount of mats they ask just to upgrade a weapon.

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