Monday, 23 May 2016

2 dungeons for FFXIV

2 dungeons for three months sounds bad to you? Boy, you shouldn't play WoW then. Enjoy this one raid for a year while we talk about how we're trying to reduce that time by doubling our team and training them. Jonathan id actually appreciate you going to wow. Final fantasy is an enormous gorgeous world and environment. And We'd rather not have you ruin the fun time for us.

 Brandon, FFXIV is a huge beautifully designed world. However, the low amount of content thats literally the same 2 dungeons over and over, FFXIV Gil with only slightly varying mechanics, doesnt suit it. We bored and know they could be doing better provided they had the team/resources. No one is bashing the game or devs. Theyre voicing an opinion(with some facts whether you like them or not) that the game is lacking in content.

Yeah. Literally what we want is to see the game grow. It can't grow with a tiny team. That's a fact. Like it or not. Well WoW has a huge team and has less content pushed out than 14, sooooo it can grow with a small team. That's a fact. Like it or not.  Buy FFXIV Gil Wows also what, 12 years old? Theyve about run their course at this point and are milking the final loyal subs that will play it until it dies. Don't think WoW will ever die lol cuz right before it does Blizz will release like a WoW2. Also gotta account for the fact that WoW prob has just as much subs as 14 maybe more.

And it is great that theyve been able to do what they have with the current team. But this cycle wont keep the hardcore players in by any means. Wows lost a MASSIVE amount of its player base and subs due to lack of content in draenor. The glorified farmville with garrisons didnt help that cause much. If ff14 wants to be relevant it HAS to deliver content faster. Wow has more subs still at its lowest point. FFXIV, with the time he's been alive, is already more relevant than most of the MMOs with the same lifetime. (WoW included).

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