Wednesday, 14 September 2016

BnS is more of player's skill

The problem of the slow upgrade is that it doesn't encourage to buy the in the shop, but to quit out of frustration, if the game didn't frustrate like that, it would be easier to spend on it, to reward the efforts of bringing it online.  The game is not pay to win, NA server and SOME SEA people are just too fucked up and always targeting for the best damage over practice and experience.

There are some players who already brought upgrades and stuffs yet they still cant utilize their classes properly. Even in other RPG. They can't use their class properly or they feel they damage low, Buy Blade and Soul Gold then they'll cry for a nerf, a buff, or "the game died". Weak Souls. BnS is more of player's skill and not the class itself. Yeah I'll cry to this one because this is the last RPG that can test you of youre really a gamer or some asshole player who just want to cry for high DPS.

You just can't be a Tuhao here and some real gamers can eat you alive with the skill, the latency, and the reflex. I'm just too fed up with these P2W reasons. Blade and Soul Gold Business is business, but a gamer is still a gamer. Santiago Navascués González if you need max gear not to be frustrated its because you suck dunkey balls, sry to tel you, but you dont need more than 600ap even to clear the new content. thatd be arround awaken scorpio weapon.

most of us enjoy the extended progress because this is actualy what keeps us playing after a year, and probably for a few years to come. the reason most people quit diablo 3 within a few months is exactly because it takes about a month to max gear and than all you can do is level up your paragon, which is exactly what we dont want.

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