Thursday, 22 September 2016

ragging on a system

To those who get butt hurt when a console game is made exclusive..... PlayStation was first released in 1995... XboX came later in Nov 2001. Nuff said. I like both consoles. But to be fair PC was first then Playstation and then XboX. * drops the mic *  Aaron Dooley What exactly didn't make sense to you? Which part? All of it man. buy FFXIV Gil None of that reasoning is sound.

Aaron Dooley It's VERY sound reasoning if directed at the right comment. Let me clarify. Ppl are ALWAYS bitching and moaning because of exclusives. Just like PC always bitches for a bad port. What ALOT of ppl don't realize is, without the console that the game originally came from, it wouldn't exist. And nor would the port,whichever that might be.

Soooo my comment basically means that before ragging on a system or bitching because they didn't make it for that particular system, be thankful that it was even ported or made. Cheap FFXIV Gil All these console wars make me sick. I'm guilty of it to once upon a time. That's the reason for my comment. Whomever was bitching for the not made on this console or the other.

Yeah, in fact its even easier as it is now than it would be to split. Only reason to split them would be for the attribute points. But you can buy a book from GC that resets them, very cheap too. Summoner and sch are fine how they are now 0.0

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