Thursday, 29 September 2016

BnS Ebondrake Citadel Dungeon is a bit easier than Desolate Tomb

i'm from Korean server. this Ebondrake Citadel Dungeon is a bit easier than Desolate Tomb. Cant play this game.... becuz i have crappy procie. When is server transfer service going to be available?  D: I'm only level 35 on my summoner! Missed the stream? No worries! You can still check out the Spectator Mode preview on our Youtube channel!

everything is perfect, Buy Blade and Soul Gold except its PVP! its sucks!
anyway were looking forward for the Revelation online this October.. Get a better computer? Better internet? The game isnt as laggy compared to when it first launched, but it shouldnt affect you that much lol. Enna Mae tks friend, I am living the way the national game server halfway around the world, network lag affecting me a lot and made my gaming experience becomes very bad ...

Enna Mae i play assasin and only lose pvp by delay skill.  Konrad Smaga i in Vietnam :(( if u use pingzapper, i think u ping 100+ add ability to invite friend in cross server pt when thy dc! Cheap Blade and Soul Gold  this game sucks! you should quit! NA and EU submissions for our 2016 Blade & Soul Costume Design Contest.

Wow. So many amazing and creative designs! Makes me so angry that the community wasn't allowed to vote this time, and even more angry that the team chose the most unoriginal, copy/paste art-stealing design that didn't even meet some of the criteria they gave for the contest in the first place.  Can you come out with some sexy cute costumes for gon females? They are always too covered/ or too older lady looking ;( Jin version of costumes is always cuter and younger looking.

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