Monday, 17 October 2016

Final Fantasy related games

Andrea Di Pastena why not ? Im playing it with gamepad and never had any problems. The controller really is a lot better with this game, but the only downside is the constant need to switch between multiple hotbars with the controller, since the mouse and keyboard can have all skills displayed as one big chunk of abilities, FFXIV Gil but with the controller it's limited to 16 on one hotbar, and then 16 on another, etc. You have to make use of user macros that can stack multiple skills in one slot a lot more on ps3/ps4, than you do with pc.

Lola Demarce Seeing as the game supports mouse and keyboard I wonder if a keypad attachment for the controller would help with that. did you just bring race into a game discussion ? Who are you to call anyone trash. Cheap FFXIV Gil Andrea Di Pastena Iii'm gonna skip all the other comments and focus on the first one I saw. "Could be nice if there were offers for the monthly subscription."This, I agree with.

I believe that SE could bring in a lot of money and a ton of players if they had deals for their subs. Like if they had $60 for a whole years worth of sub, or something of the sort. I would snatch that up so hard.

I think this would be awesome and quite a bit lighter on our pockets. They have so many FF related games out there that bring in the money for later funding on later projects, but fail to see the one game that has people returning from time to time. I want to see this happen and only hope that perhaps they may think on it. I would love to see my server full of people again because that's part of what makes the game. The experiences you have with the people you play with.

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