Saturday, 8 October 2016

FFXIV outfit Exclusive to China only

Or think about that the entire community has been begging for it since it was Exclusive to China only. Gerard Norman Demigo Doesn't justify the price. They set the price points, it's not as though SE is being charged a tariff of $10 for flagging a character in their database as having an item. Guess what, more clothing that looks stupid on lalafells. Can you dye it? If I can't have Celeste green no thank you. It is dyeable if you look at the pictures on mogstation they show a picture of a couple dyes. FFXIV Gil I just said eff it and bought the bard, outfit and emote.

Well, veteran rewards are for all characters. Also, paying more than the whole montly fee for a single costume, for a single character, it's too much i think. some people do play on other servers. I visit others from time to time, it is nice to have some rewards go between characters. Cost more than i expected. I just seen these on mogstation. Still not enough for me to drop legion to come back to this, Or try to learn both Developers of FFXI and XIV has already stated they rather Shutdown.

You're gonna have to wait till the exclusivity on that since it's being use on 3rd Party Stores Promotion.  Looks like the Crimson Legion and the Cerulean Order outfits from blade and soul, buy FFXIV Gil As much as I love the game, I don't think I'll ever buy anything additional on the Mog Station... it's just too pricey..   omg im trying to buy sub right now im just such a baddie, im so excite. Well they are all optional and exclusive to past year events. The China dress was exclusive to China only but available to all now.

The guys ones are terrible, really plain and boring. The girls one, are ok but they're just basic dresses. They need to bring in stuff like heroes/adventures/mages would wear for it to interest me. These are like something you could see in everyday life and not bat an eye lid. Not very exciting. Too expensive and if people pay, they'll just keep putting the prices for everything up and up, Plus glamour item or not, nothing exclusive should be locked in a cash shop.  Or you should learn it was EXCLUSIVE TO CHINA SERVERS!! So they have the right to put it at $18 to break OFF the EXCLUSIVITY!! Gerard go troll elsewhere white knight fanboy. Mika Mäki-Kauppila Seems you are just stupid and blind in business licenses... AND no. These are NOT exclusive to China, you MORON. I can buy them off the MogStation right now, just as you can, should you choose to throw your money away.

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