Monday, 27 April 2015

Au Ra character creation

The Heavensward benchmark, including Au Ra character creation, is now available! Test your PC ahead of release and try out the DirectX 11 client as well! Make the au ra horns customizable separate from the face plz.

yes please. I love one of the faces, but don't like the horns with it.   Yeah Seriously. Most of the faces are honestly ugly.  Some of the faces are actually pretty good, but the scale placement and the horns completely kill the shape. It really needs to be separated FFXIV gil
.All of my yes! I have the same problem Caymen FFXIV gil
About Sav coment i do'nt think they are ugly at all lol but the horns are amazing  i would love to custom then  .And, as a Playstation user, I and all those like me must now put up with instagram/tumblr/facebook etc spam of 'look at my awesome Au Ra'. XD;;;
*sigh*. Haha yeah, that response doesn't get old at all. *rolls eyes* XDYou don't need to run the benchmark to have access to the Char Creation if you have a laptop or PC - runs it in DX9 mode as well so.....

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