Sunday, 23 December 2012

Cooking a delicious meal on runescape

Even though I am not good at cooking in real life, I still like it. It is amazing to turn raw materials to delicious meal. 

Personally, I think a meal which includes fish, meats, vegetables, cakes and a glass of drink is perfect. Runescape Cooking gives me a chance to make meals on my own way. 

Compare to other food, cooking fish and meats is easier, as fish can be cooked without ingredient, offer good experience and heal a large amount of life points. Meats can be obtained by killing a variety of animals such as bears, rabbits and more. All you have to do is just put them on a cooking range or fire and with some lucky, they will become properly cooked. If you have high fishing level in your cheap runescape accounts, you will get better fish to cook.
In order to bake cakes, some ingredients and cooking utensils are indispensable, such as bucket of milk, eggs, pot of flour and a cake tin. Eggs can be found near the chicken coops around Lumbridge, while you can get milk by milking dairy cows, which can be found on a farm south of Falador, into buckets. Cakes are mildly complicated to make. When you have all four items, use the flour, egg and milk with the cake tin and then bake it with a cooking range, remember that cakes will become separated from the cake tin when cooked, so you can not cook a full inventory of 28 at once. Once complete, cakes can be eaten in three bites, delicious, aren’t them?

Vegetables such as potatoes are good for your health. On runescape, baking potatoes is members only. Even though tuna and sweetcorn potato is one of the best food items for runescape gamers, I like buttered potato, to make it, just add a pat of butter to the potato when cooked. Keep in mind that farmer100 has runescape accounts for sale, you need not worry about your cooking level.

Farmer100 thinks that drink is also necessary for a meal. Cider is a perfect choice to keep you healthy. To make it, take 16 apples and 4 buckets to the cider barrel at one of the breweries in either Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys. You should add and mush 4 cooking apples in the barrel. Once 4 buckets are filled, add them to the fermenting vat, and then add ale yeast into the fermenting vat…

A delicious meal is done, enjoy your lunch! It is a perfect day.

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