Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Farming on runescape

Farming allows you plant and harvest crops, which let you benefit from obtaining awesome rewards. Farming is a members-only skill, you should pay time and patience on it and it is a skill for the dedicated and hard working runescape players. Take planting flowers for example.

It is necessary to plant some flowers before planting vegetables, because flowers have the ability to protect vegetables from disease. In order to plant flowers, you need a seed at first. There are several methods for getting seeds, such as thieving from master farmers, who can be found in the Draynor Village Market and the north of Ardougne near the fields. You can also buy lower leveled seeds from the seed stalls in the Draynor Village market. Finally, there are a number of monsters that drop seeds as well. The higher combat level the monster is, the better chance for you to get a better seed.

You should pay attention to the general farming process, after getting the seed. Get rid of all the weeds by using a rake on the patch; Use compost or supercompost on the soil. Compost can be bought for a high price, supercompost can results in an even higher yield and lower chances of disease; Put your seed on the soil by using a seed dibber, remember let flower seed go in certain plots; Water your flower with a watering can, farmer100 reminds you to water it again when the pools of the water disappeared.

If your flowers become diseased, using a plant cure potion on them, which can be bought from any farming stores. The experience values for picking are for the completing harvesting of 1 patch with the respective flowers. If you want to get high level on farming, remember that farmer100 has runescape accounts for sale.
When your flowers fully grown, you may harvest it with a spade. Don’t worry about the time, the higher level your seed is, the longer it will take to grow. So, do not waste your time standing near the farming patches wondering when the flowers will come out, find another skill with your cheap runescape accounts to train instead, such as woodcutting or fishing. You won’t need to care for it when your flowers get full growth, just leave them in patches to further protect your vegetables. If harvested, flowers generally yield 1 flower.

Try to plant some other crops to get more experience!

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